Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Running in the Hot

It is time to get back to running because the week of gluttony turned into the month of gluttony. Typically I go for a 5K or 10K PR after a marathon cycle, but I started to feel some weird knee issues. I went to the sports doctor who told me, based on my description of the injury, that she feared the worst. But, after examining my knee, I was informed I was being a baby. I protested and told her I was tough. She said if was really tough I wouldn’t be there; I only had a strained quad. My prescription was to ice and stretch. I mostly took more time off.

But on Friday I ate a yogurt and nearly puked. Time to run again.

On Saturday I got up early for a long run. I thought 8 easy miles would be fun. No worrying about time, only fun. And it was. During my run I had two important thoughts: 1) I need to make it a priority to run more in hot hot angry sun conditions; and 2) during the first mile I think crazy thoughts. Seriously. During mile one of my 8 miler I thought I’d just bump it up to 10. I always do this. During mile one I think I’ll start doing two-a-days or 30 mile long runs. Hummm…why so brave in mile one?

On Sunday I began my running in the angry sun with a 4M in the low 80s. It was awful. I love it. Nope, I did not.

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