Thursday, September 29, 2011

A Posty Post

Sometimes you need to just stop making promises (heartfelt at times and vague at other times) that you are going to get back to running and get out there and run. And if you are really struggling to turn that decision to run into action, like I was, then the best thing is to just sign up for a local 5K and go get your guts stomped out. Consider my guts stomped.

It was ugly, even the start was ugly. Not having run consistently or much at all for the past five months, my goal was simply to not hurt myself and average sub 7:30. Utilizing a local 5K to raise money for the unfortunate children of fursona parents, or something along those lines, I just laced it up in an attempt to jumpstart my running.

As you can imagine, a 5K to benefit neglected children of fursona does not draw a large crowd. And I was pretty much assured an AG notwithstanding the 10 year age group categories. But that was because only three guys were in my age group.

All that said, the first mile was just what I wanted, a sub 7. Now, in theory, I should have been running faster, seeing how there were several furries in hot pursuit (a lion, a tiger, and an aardvark), but I’m out of shape…and way out of running shape.

If the Redhead was there to observe, she would have thought it less of a wild-animals-chasing-me scenario as it was a guy dressed like the new triple stuffy.

Yep, pretty much me. A little help Shaq?

Regardless, it was more important that I get out there and start running than find the perfect 5K to make my return. Also, I’ve finally got a new marathon. Next spring I’ll be doing the inaugural Lansing Marathon. Inaugural, in case you don’t know, means first. Lansing is my ‘adult’ hometown and I’m glad they are finally getting a marathon. We have several marathons in MI, but I would argue only three are well know within the state (Detroit, Grand Rapids [those two always on the same day], and Bayshore [in Traverse City]). Now, we also have the Martian Marathon and the New Year’s Day Get Your Hung Over Fat Ass Running Marathon, and these; but not much more.

So, it is my hope that the Lansing Marathon can join the ranks of well known and respected Michigan Marathons. Regardless, I’m thrilled about the idea of running a marathon on roads I know and train on.