Monday, January 31, 2011

Angry Runners

It has been sloppy outside as of late. My past several pace workouts have been done on slippery roads because, heaven forbid, the fine people of Howell ever decide to actually shovel their sidewalks. These runs have left me feeling like an angry bird rocketed out of a slingshot and barreling towards certain destruction. Sure, you may end up with enough 'three stars' to get yourself a golden egg, but it doesn’t always end so well for the birds sent heat-seeking towards little green pigs.

Maybe you can relate to those little angry birds in such a meaningful way that you end up ordering three of them. Maybe the Redhead doesn't like them as much as you do. But they are family now.

Yes, I made a home-made fort and slingshot using the Redhead's elastic exercise bands.


Sun Runner said...


One question, though: will they match the new couch?

Harold said...

This is awesome. A few weeks ago, my coworkers had a crap load of empty boxes stacked up in their office. I walked in and declared that we need to buy the stuffed pigs to put on the boxes and then launch stuffed angry birds at them!

Morgan said...

You need to be stopped. Those birds better find a new home ASAP. If I wake up to them staring at me one more time, you'll find out what happens when the pigs do more then just steal the eggs.

One Crazy Penguin said...

Holy crap. This makes me crazy happy. You made a slingshot for them too!?! Too cool!

Adam said...

LOL. WHY did I not think of this before?? Soooo awesome. My wife seems to love to collect pillows - on the couch, on the bed, all over the place. I could create level 7 angry birds!

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