Friday, March 4, 2011

Winner Wha?!?

On Thursday the Chicago Marathon sold out. What does that mean? Well, other than the fact that 45,000 crazy people will be spitting, farting, burping, sweating, sending snot to the ground (and hopefully that is all)* through the great city of Chicago while it is an unseasonably warm 85 degrees.

It means that Tahoegirl over at got miles? was the winner of my 'how long till Chicago Marathon sells out' contest. The rules were closest without going over and her 672 hours guess was closest to the 741 actual sellout time. Tahoegirl is a cookie loving runner who was awesome enough to come out and support the Redhead and myself at our Grand Rapids races last October. But her awesomeness isn't why she won...or is it?!? And what did she win?

She got two Chocolate Chip Peanut Crunch Cliff Bars, two Chocolate Crunch Macrobars. An amphipod to keep her save during night runs, a pair of PhD Smartwool socks, and a Yankz shoelace replacement. Congrats again.

Also, to my fellow runner who I almost ran over at 8pm this evening. Do not wear all black and run at night. Rocking only long black pants, long black shirt, black hat, only two thin reflective lines on the bottom of his pants, and running in the street is a great way for someone to hit you with a car...even if they are a fellow runner and would feel really bad.

* Interesting story...I was going to use the word 'snoting' but I decided I would look it up before I did so. A quick Google search will reveal why I decided to rephrase.


Ironman By Thirty said...

What a haul! Although you probably should have given the amphipod to the moron rocking the ninja outfit in the pitch black.

Jessie said...

HEY let all future Chicago Marathon references be nothing but how awesome it is. There will be no freaking Jessie out. I don't need the help. This year it is going to be perfectly 50-60ish degrees. LOL

GeorgiaSnail said...

I was only 237 hours off...

Seriously, dude was running in the road?!?1!

Anne said...
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tahoegirl said...

damn reference to the deleted comment.

Holy smokes! Wow! Jeepers!

Thank you so much Spike!!