Tuesday, April 17, 2012

The Taper Post

I don’t typically share my race goals. Oh well, here they are. Based on a very select few quality long runs and tempo runs, I’m going to try and BQ and PR my previous marathon best of 3:09:xx. I’m mostly prepared to do this. But who knows. All I can say for certain is that I’m very excited about this race.

My race strategy goes like this. Run the first three miles at 7:00 ±3 seconds. Run the next three miles at 7:10 ±3 seconds. I then plan on running two of the next four miles the same way, two at 7:00 ±3sec and two at 7:10 ±3 seconds. This should put me at about 50 seconds above a BQ pace at 10M.

I’ve never intentionally run a marathon slower in the first half. Typically I try to build as much ‘bank’ time as possible and, like a teenage boy about to get shanked before a gym class full of coeds, I hold on for dear life.

But, all of my training on the third ‘official’ Lansing Marathon course has been between miles 6 and 22 or more. Also, I’ve been doing my long runs with a slow first few miles and then a 14M to 16M tempo run at pace goal. This has worked a few times. This has not worked a few times. But I’m going to try it.

At plus 50 seconds at the 10M mark, I’m going to try and average 7:00 per mile for the rest of the race—knowing that with some parts of the course I’ll be ±7 seconds per mile. This, of course, means two important things: 1) I’m going to attempt to pull off a slight negative split; 2) if I run perfect I’ll still be down a few seconds for a BQ. But I’ll let that figure itself out during the last 16M.

Now, for full disclosure, a few last things. I attempted to replicate this race approach with my 10M long run last weekend. Total FAIL. Seems trying to catch and pass the Redhead in the first mile coupled with running in the hot (but thankfully cloudy) Florida weather made this a total shit-show. Not the best of news considering my easy 4M run the day before under the angry FL sun was also a poop-performance. As of this morning, I cannot confirm the course is certified. For your own amusement, go look on their facebook page and see how many times people have asked that question and how it has not yet been answered.

Finally, I’m going to start a new marathon tradition. I’ve always loved seeing when someone has written something in chalk on the course. So, I’ll take a poll and ask you two questions.

What Should I Write?

Around Where Should I Write It?


B.o.B. said...

you are going to eat lightning and crap thunder!!!

and also, how did you do this cool poll thingy? i wants it.

Ironman By Thirty said...

Don't do anything stupid like me and get down on yourself and walk through an aid station and blow your BQ time by 12 lousy seconds.

Good luck!

Redhead Running said...

I believe in you! And I can't wait to cheer my brains out for you on Sunday!

Kandi said...

Go get 'em, Spike!

Nitmos said...

So, in other words, you 'want to average 7:05 in the first 10M and 7:00 in the last 16?' There, was that so hard? I just saved you a paragraph.

Is the course still going by Bennett? If so, maybe I'll wander down in my robe and with coffee and cheer you on. I'll check the website in the morning to see if it has been re-routed though.

Best of luck!

Nitmos said...

You'll like this...new sign on Jolly today announcing that the Hulett/College intersection will be closed due to race traffic this weekend. Do you know where Hulett crosses College? I don't have any idea.

Queue sad trombone.

Jordan said...

Good luck in Lansing! Hopefully they don't decide to change the course mid race haha!