Monday, March 25, 2013

Nothing New, but Graston

Based on APORES scoring “Amusement Park and Other Rides Excitement Scale,” which ranges between the penny ride at Meijer on the low end and Millennium Force on the other end, my injury rates somewhere along the excitement level of a bidirectional carousel. 


I went to the sports doctor today and they did an X-Ray, just to be sure it was not a stress fracture.  The conversation went like this.

Dr: “Your tibia and fibula look good.” 

Me: “Thank you.  People always say that, but it just seems like the type of thing people say to be nice.  When you see them in black and white, you can really tell they are awfully nice.”

Dr: “Well…moving on…”
(In case you forgot what they look like without their meat.)

No stress fracture.  So, they have scheduled me for some physical therapy.  I start next Monday.  They will be using the Graston method.  Painful they say, but effective. 


Well, I can only hope that, like the penny ride, it will be over quickly. 


Vaudiophile said...

Sounds like good news, and that you won't be out long. You'll have that injury down to shopping mall choo choo train in no time.

B.o.B. said...

It's gonna hurt like a muthafacka. Yay for no stress fracture though! (You only get one of those per household you greedy bastards.)