Thursday, August 27, 2009

Summer Allergy

I’m not sure about the rest of you, but this time of year always ushers in unwanted allergies. And unlike those of you who suffer from hay fever, I suffer from a far worse condition; I’m allergic to oxymorons. It always starts this time of year when my friend “Little Big Josh” shows up for his annual visit. Last week I was at a party where they were serving ‘jumbo shrimp.’ I had to leave immediately.

So you can only imagine how my allergies acted up this morning when I ran my 10M marathon pace run in 55 degree temps with 90% humidity. Now, I didn’t think such weather conditions were possible, but they are. Fortunately, I hit the 10M mark at 70:10 (right on pace).

I have a family wedding in Chicago this weekend, so I’m likely to have to move my long run to tomorrow morning, and miss out on the mid 40s we’ll have this weekend.*


* Thank you Running Gods for simultaneously kicking me in the shin and mocking my poor running existence.


Sun Runner said...

You are controlled chaos, my friend. Have fun in Chicago. :)

The Laminator said...

You are so randomly predictable! Have a fun weekend!

Irish Cream said...

My mother was just complaining about similar approaching weather conditions near her (the NERVE!)--I begged her to bag a long run in that wonderful weather for me (it would count, right?); but to no avail. Hope you at least have fun at the wedding! ;)

Derrick said...

sorry but G.I. JOE was awesome, so dont hate.