Monday, August 31, 2009

Chicago Times

A family wedding in Chicago meant pushing my long run to Friday morning, as oppose to Saturday or Sunday morning. As a recap, Thursday was a 10M at planned marathon pace (“PMP,” thanks Ana-Maria) where I rolled in at a 7:01/M pace. Perfect. This run made me feel much better after Tuesday’s speed workout found me on the edges of success—which is a way to say I failed.

The FIRST demanded a 15M at +20sec marathon pace. But, because I think I should be able to do every run at 7:00/M, my unofficial goal was just that, a 7:00/M pace. Now, such expectations fly in the face of all of my experience; but I’m a rather unreasonable person.

I awoke early to a light rain and 55 degree temps, or perfect Spike running weather. Having a tough 10 miles still resting on my legs, I promised myself I wouldn’t crush the first mile. What I didn’t expect was a 7:24 first mile. Oooppps. I guess I was taking it a little too slow. I cranked it up a notch and hit 7:10-7:12 for the remainder of the 15M (with the notable exception of a 7:22 on an uphill mile and a 6:52 last mile).

My hotel was about a mile away from the starting line of the Chicago Marathon, and I checked it out whilst I was there. I stood on the very street were I will be on October 11, 2009 and I said five things to the Chicago Marathon:

1) last year an injury ruined my run, along with 85 degree temps and an unrelenting sun
2) this year things will be different
3) people says the New York Marathon is better (well…I wanted it to feel a little self-conscious and unsure of itself)
4) when it is all said and done we can still be friends; and
5) I’m only using you to qualify for Boston (this was unnecessary, but I thought I’d rub it in a little)


Morgan said...

LOL! I'm so jealous you got to be in Chi-town pre marathon!!! Glad it was a good weekend!!!

Paul said...

Dude, you are so thumbing your nose at fate here! Brave man. To the Chicago Marathon course on behalf of Spike, "he was only joking, he loves you, honest he does, you're the only one ..."

Irish Cream said...

Wow, look at you getting all harsh (I mean, c'mon--did you REALLY have to bring up the NYCM?)! I just hope that, should the Chicago Marathon decide to retaliate, it's in a way that only affects you (and not the rest of us innocent souls who have NOTHING BUT LOVE for you, oh mighty Chicago Marathon)!

I'm off now to make some kind of sacrifice--perhaps my cat will do?--to the Chicago Marathon gods :)

Nitmos said...

The only thing that can stop you is a vengeful sun. Or a pothole. Chicago is not known for either. You will destroy her.