Sunday, November 8, 2009

My Race Year Recap

Marathons run this year: 4 (my pre-Bayshore Marathon marathon [Earth Day Challenge], Bayshore, my post Bayshore marathon [Sunburst], and Chicago.

Half marathons: 2 (Borgess, Capital City River Run)

10Ks: 1 (bandit running of the Boyne City 4th of July Celebration Run)

5Ks: 5 (Super Bowl 5K [Feb], Shamrock 5K [Mar], Race for the Cure [Apr], Capital BanCorp 5K [May], Alternate 5K [Oct]

Miles run: 1326

Number of Pop-Tarts consumed: about 580 (most consumed flavors in order: Strawberry, Chocolate Chip, Brown Sugar)

Taco Bell Friday: 44 delicious times

Shoes and their #s: Sun Dancers (Kayano 14s) 334, Red Stars (2130s) 349, Omega Killers (2130s) 191; Blue Rho (2130s) 195; Delta Flyers (Kayano 14s) 193. All shoes are Asics.

AG awards: 5 (one first, three seconds, one third)

PRs in: the Marathon (Chicago), Half Marathon (Capital City River Run), 5K (Alternate 5K)

Weekends where I slept in both days: 1

Training programs used: Hal Higdon’s Advanced Intermediate II, FIRST: First to the Finish (expect a compare and contrast in the near future)

Number of typoos in the blog: about 53

Number of destroyed toenails: 2

Number of serious blisters: 4

Number of F*bombs dropped during a race: 18 (16 at the Bayshore Marathon, one at the Shamrock 5K when I was strollered, one when I was passed at mile 12 of the Borgess half by a 70+ old man who said “good job.”)

Number of times I ran with the cows: 8

Times the stars aligned: 1

Injuries: serious = plantar fasciitis, not so serious = left hip stiffness, sore right knee

Deer killed: 1

Manatee killed: now come on, do you really think I would do that…..

Girl Scout Cookies consumed: about 135

Number of ice baths post long runs: 0

Number of ice baths attempted: 1

Parties/social events willing declined due to long run: 29

Dollars fed to a goat: 1


Running and living said...

Ha! No icebaths? Wow, I take at least one/day when I run, sometimes 2! Impressive list, particularly the items involving your diet:)

B.o.B. said...

LOVE IT. 44 days of delish Taco Bell huh? I may have to challenge you next year. Although I think certain roommates and dogs may protest to my Taco Bell consumption.

Morgan said...

We need to have a serious discussion about your diet. Really.

Amy said...

Hahaha. Nice. No F-bombs at the Chicago, huh? I guess that's how you know you're having a BQ day.

Congrats on a great year!

Adam said...

I'm going to consider this list a complete failure until I see some dead manatee!!

In all seriousness, this is very awesome. Although, it does make me a little sad that you're considering the race year over! I'm just getting back started!

Viper said...

Are you hanging it up for the year? Get out there and add to those categories. Especially the manatees. Cheers to a good 2009 so far.

Ms. V. said...

This was hilarious. Had Taco Bell yesterday after Half Mary. Thought of you. Have a good BQ story to tell you about...over on the blog...or I'll email you. Stars. Aligned.

How do you get away with being a bandit? LOL

Sun Runner said...

I do not see a reckoning of fun size candy wrappers thrown on the floor nor slices of bacon. Or, if you would prefer, you can measure your bacon in pounds. Or bushels. Or even football fields, if you string your bacon out end to end on the ground, because screw the metric system, the "football field" is really the nationally recognized unit of measurement in the US of A.

And what about llama wars started?

I see with 8 weeks left in the year you are on track to have TB Friday every single Friday in 2009. Nice job!

TallGuySurfing said...

Hahahahahahah.... I've gotta try feeding a dollar to a goat! And seriously, a manatee? I didn't know there were manatees in Michigan!

Irish Cream said...

OMG, I just now realized that the reason everyone I know had incredible races at Chicago was because you fed that dollar to that damned goat! This is not good for the general goat population . . . because when something works, I STICK WITH IT. Might as well add decimating the entire North American goat population to your list . . .

NY Wolve said...

Great list. When I was in law school, I ate my self described "Breakfast of Champions": two diet Cokes and two chocolate poptarts. Now I won't let my kids touch them,
I admire your totals!