Monday, February 22, 2010

Pirate Attack

In honor of the upcomming race for Avast, Redhead Running, the following post includes things likely to be said by pirates at the Gasparilla Marathon:

“I can’t believe Asics doesn’t make a peg-leg shoe!”

“If you pass me, my parrot is trained to gouge out your eyes.”

“I’m just following the dotted line until I find a gigantic X.”

“The booty is only 26.2 miles ahead!”

“Boston has a ‘Tea Party,’ we have rum! We win!”


“I’m not slow, I’m just getting my sea legs back!”

“Pirate marathoners tend to have cramps and crabs.”

“I’m not running a marathon, I’m looking for my ship!”

“How many nautical miles are in a regular mile?”


Morgan said...

LMAO! Avast my love, you crack me up! Does this mean we will be speaking pirate from here on out until race day? I can't friggin wait to see you next week!

Sun Runner said...

Answer to that last one:

1 nautical mile = 1.15077945 mile

1 mile = 0.868976242 nautical mile

Now you know. And knowing is half the battle. :)

K said...

Tremendously tremendous!

Viper said...

And I'm sure some variation of "Arr!" Cheers!

Adam said...

So many comments that could play off the word little time.

You're planning on cheering right?

Paul said...

Aye. And there be plenty more where that came from, ye scurvy dog!

- who naturally speaks like a pirate after a few too many beers

NY Wolve said...

Publix is the best. Bar none.

TallGuySurfing said...

LMAO! Where ever I go I hope there's rum! Great creative post! Arggg a pirate's life for me!