Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Super Bowl 5K—On Ice

I truly enjoy running my local Super Bowl 5K. It’s well organized, a pretty sizeable crowd considering the time of year and wild variance in weather, and I can even run in tights if I wish.

Last year the main issue/problem with the course was the neighborhood. If you don’t recall, the route is mostly along a main street with one mile spent in a ‘hood.’ And last year the hood wasn’t cleared, forcing us to slog through several inches of wet snow. This year the streets were again clear, but the hood provided well matted-down snow; which was basically ice. Perhaps the organizers thought: ‘If Disney and Sesame Street can take anything they do, put it on ice, and still draw a crowd, why cant we?’ No joke, several runners decided it was better to run on the snow covered grass/sidewalks than run on the ice rink.

I, of course prompted by a voice in my head, decided the only ‘true runner’ thing to do would be to run on the course—regardless of the dangerous conditions. And I did, almost falling several times. I even heard a runner bite it behind me (and no I didn’t stop to see if he/she was alright).

After the second mile we returned back to the main street and smooth surface running. By that point, the 22M of hills had caught up, and I slightly wished a car would come along and give me an honorable DNF—plus chicks dig scars.

Instead, I rallied and managed to pass a few runners before the finish, romping in under 19:30. About a minute faster than last year’s race, and not bad considering the mile of ‘escapades on ice.’ I also managed to start my racing year off right with some bling. Despite my improved time, my AG place remained the same. But I’ll take it willing; so long as a beautiful redhead thinks my AG award is better than a massive car-induced scar.


Morgan said...

Scars build character and makes a man look ruggedly handsome. Not to mention I told you from the get go I was only dating you because you were fast. Maybe a car should've been screaming after you so you couldn't won. I can't have you stain my reputation with these "ice" excuses. You best step it up next time or else... ;)


Amy said...

Did your tights have sequins on them?

Congrats on the minute improvement and the AG award!!!

Anonymous said...

Awesome job. I'd probablly have crawled accross the ide myself.

TallGuySurfing said...

Nice recovery run speedy!

The Laminator said...

Meh...I probably would've just taken advantage of the ice and slid across!

Bethany + Ryan said...

Hi, thanks for checking out our post. Now those pictures of HBH do make it look a little bit flatter than it really is but its really NOT that bad! The first year I ran Boston I remember asking someone when we run up HBH and she said, "we already did."
In comparison to the other hills on the course, its just another hill. Its not the steepest hill but its probably the longest. Everyone gets pysched out about it bc of its name but it's name has nothing to do with it difficulty but rather history. I'm sure u know the story but incase u don't here it is a quick version it, 1 year the lead runner got passed on that hill and the guy that passed him went on to win. After the rae they interviewed the guy who lost and he said "it was a heartbreak." HBH isn't exactly fun at mile 20 but it won't ruin ur race either. Once u make that right turn at the Newton firestation there are 3-4 noticeable hills, including HBH. I personally worry more about the downhill than the uphill. You'll be just fine tho!!!!!

Adam said...

Wow, 19:30 with ice? That is amazing.

I totally wouldn't have stopped to see if that runner was OK either. Survival of the fittest!

Sun Runner said...

You're back! Yay!

Did you get the dreaded mug as an age group award? Or something shiny?

I even heard a runner bite it behind me (and no I didn’t stop to see if he/she was alright).

Given your track record with deer, I'm not surprised.

Paul said...

Sounds like a fun race Spike. Did you wear runners or skates?

I am sure your red-haired-girl will be happy with your AG award. They are forgiving types by nature.

At least mine is ... so I married her!

Cheers, PB :-)

Candice @ I Have Run said...

Way to live up to the Redhead's speedy expectations! And congrats on the award.

Jordan said...

I ran it last year, still have the pint glass from it - Wish more races had that