Monday, August 23, 2010


This past weekend I had my first 20M run since April. I love to say: “It’s not the XX, but the VI of a marathon that get you.” But if you haven’t run 20M in a long time, the last five are going to hurt.

And that was the story this past weekend. So, while the Redhead was away and enjoying the fun Chicago has to offer, I tucked into bed at 8pm to be up by 4am (that’s right, Chicago has nothing on the Lansing night-life).

Sure it was 71deg at 5am and sure it was about 90% humidity, but what’s new? Most annoying was that the weather decided to drizzle on and off, but never fully rain (read: keeping the humidity high while never offering the sweet refreshment of cool rain). The run went well for the first 15M, but soon fell apart during the last 5. It should come as no surprise that the last 5 held a lot of ‘just focus on one more mile’ and ‘will this run ever end?” I also ended up chanting my montra for the last two miles. But I made it.

Next week I introduce a new ‘tweek’ into my training, stacking 20M+ runs back to back. So I’ll be doing 22M on Saturday, this time with an extra focus on the last 5.


Running and living said...

Maybe the mantra for the last few miles should be "Taco Bell, Taco Bell, Taco Bell!". Mine is "Frappuccino" and let me tell you, it helps me push during those last few miles!

B.o.B. said...

What is this stacking you speak of? Splain please.

Harold said...

I would love to run in 71 degrees and 90% humidity, as opposed to the 78 degrees and 100% humidity :D
I'm hoping that by the time I hit 20 miles, that the temps and humidity will have dropped!

Nitmos said...

Should have waited until Sunday (presuming you didn't), it was kinda pleasant - all things considered - around 11 am!

Viper said...

Yep, the last five hurt me. Water probably would have helped. Good luck on the stacking. Cheers!