Monday, August 30, 2010

Ugh...XX Part 2

The Good:

I went to Playmakers to seek guidance on my little blister problem Monday afternoon. They recommended Blist-O-Ban. I wasn't sure, especially considering the $8 price tag. Alas, I threw on two of the large adhesive strips and began to attempt my 22M run (one day late). There was no pain regarding the heel. Therefore, I now believe in magic because those babies are magic.

I started at 7p and did manage to hit the magical XX mileage mark.

I wanted to run an easy 8:30/M pace. I averaged an 8:37.

The Redhead was kind enough to bike a few miles with me and then meet up with me around mile 14 to provide a needed water break,

The Bad:

It got dark fast. Real fast. Seems the long summer days are over.

It was 87deg to start.

I started out well, but fell apart around mile 11. It was brutal, and I pulled up two miles short of my 22M goal.

I now have a small blister on the bottom of my left foot. Which I will address soon, at least before it becomes the size of its right foot counterpart.

I hurt. Doing back to back 20M runs is not easy.

The Lesson:

I came home and was defeated. Utterly defeated. But a running defeat is not the same as a defeat in life. Run defeats are temporary. And you can have a defeating run and still be optimistic.

Which is exactly how I felt after my run. Yep, butt kicked; even a little loopy. But I proved something out there. I did it, even when I had every reason to not. And how else should you celebrate after such a going to Taco Bell for some 4th Meal.

Perhaps running defeats and life defeats are not all that different after all, it just depends on your outlook. So, keep you outlook up my running friends.


B.o.B. said...

There's no such thing as either really. Life defeats and run defeats are just lessons in disguise. Unless you are crybaby Tim Tebow and you lose my Gator championship. Uh, boy I kind of went off there didn't I? Sorry bout that.

Morgan said...

I still can't believe you slogged through 20 miles that late at night not to mention followed it up with Taco Bell. You my dear are nuts and have an iron stomach. (Most of the time anyway.) ;P

K said...

I eventually got Taco Bell after my 11 miler (that kicked my butt) on Sunday.

Tricia said...

running 9 more miles after you "fall apart" is pretty darn awesome and dare I say *deserves* taco bell (cringe)

Adam said...

YES!! I totally forgot about taco bell friday. How long is that streak going?