Sunday, September 19, 2010

Cali and Jet Leg and a Long Run

Last week I was amongst the Redwoods for a work conference. This was the kind of work conference where they actually expected us to work...lots. So, sadly, I was unable to meet up with a few runners/bloggers while I was out there.

I had to accomplish two runs out there, a 5M easy run and a 10M tempo run. So I awoke early on Wednesday and made my way from our resort to the beach, down one very steep hill. And it was long as well. The plus side is that it took me to the beach where I could enjoy some flat running.

I used this same route (just adding more beach running) for my tempo run as well. I think 10M tempo runs are big deals. I try to run them faster than marathon pace (mp) by about 15 sec/M. My last 10M tempo run was a disaster (as it fell only a few days after my 10M CRIM race). So I wanted this to be an excellent run. And hills increase the difficulty of running for time.

Regardless, I just planned on banking time the first 7M (I mean, I do have to go down that monster hill before I have to go back up it) and then hope the monster hill will equal me out.
Which is exactly what I did for the first 7M. Plus, because I couldn't resist myself, I did throw up my hands and yell "Yeeeeeeeeeee!!!!" as I went down the hill because the sensation was a little like a roller coaster.

After running up the hill, I was right on pace, and I buried the pace the last two. Tempo run done.

I arrived back home at 1:30am Saturday morning after flying most of Friday, and there was no way I was going to attempt to do my 14M long run that morning as the Redhead and I had a little catching up to do. I got up at 5:10am regardless to help set up for the MSU v ND tailgate. After staying up past midnight to see MSU prevail in OT, I slept in and didn't start my long run until about 10am. After my tempo run, and tons of travel, and a long day, I was not emotionally involved in my run. I didn't want to do it. I was only engaged during miles 7 and 8, and I was begging myself to keep focused through 10. At 10, I just wanted to hold on and not flop a bad mile. Somehow I managed to do both.

And, for your occuliar pleasure, below are a few pictures I took of the monster hill, which I nicknamed the Del Mar Download (in honor of nearby Silicon Valley).

But I did get to run along this, just like the runners in the picture below.


Running and living said...

That hill looks all mean and ugly! Welcome back! I had a hard time adjusting to the time difference after my recent trip, hence I felt bad on most runs. Hope it is easier for you!

Viper said...

Serious running while away on business is always tough. Well done! Looks like a fun route. Cheers!

Sun Runner said...

You can thank the active tectonic margin between the North American and Pacific Plates for those hills. Hooray for geology!

Amy said...

Heh. You call that a hill??

Way to knock runs out when out of town and working... not an easy thing to do.

Katie A. said...

So sad we didn't get to meet up! I dropped the ball!! Sorry!!

Looks like some good running, though! I love driving over there for the cool weather and the great hill workouts ;)

Nice job on pulling through for you 14!

Morgan said...

LMAO @ Sun Runner's comment. Nerd!

You're not allowed to leave me that long unattended again! I missed you mucho! The views are beautiful though, great job not being a slacker out there!

Adam said...

That route looks as scenic as the office parks of silicon valley that I run through.

Well, that isn't true - once I saw a 7-11 that wasn't technically in an office park.

Amy said...

The route looks challenging but awesome. That was a nice place to run with.