Thursday, September 9, 2010

Gone with (and then Into) the Wind

I know I know I know, it's no 'hurricane like winds,' but a Midwest 'wind advisory' is no fun. I slept in on Tuesday, thereby pushing my track workout to the evening. I did this because I'm lazy in an attempt to avoid the nasty winds that were blowing from Atlanta to Alpena.

What made this wind even worse is that it was a 'gusting' wind. Which is runner code for 'always blowing when you are running head-on and always easing up when at your back.' I could see waves in the grass the wind was whipping so wickedly. But I nonetheless began rounding the track despite the wind's attempt to whisk me and Tara through Georgia.

And even though it didn't help, I did give the wind a two finger salute each time I faced it for a 100M straightaway. Childish, yes. But frankly my get the point. Because, in the end, even if you perfectly split time spent going headlong into the wind and with it at your back, you always lose more going into--than you gain going with--the wind.

Finally, I wanted to give a massive thanks to the Redhead for biking along with me on my 14M in FL this past weekend. She assured me I was very lucky to get a near perfect morning--high 70s and no humidity. And it was perfect, because I had my wonderful Southern belle accompanying me.


Running and living said...

Windy runs are tough and frustrating! Guess I need to start reading Redhead's blog:)

Nitmos said...

Here, based on the title, I thought you were telling us that you were going to go all McCandless and live out in a van in Nowheresville. Until some downwind runner found you years later.

But, yeah, wind sucks.