Tuesday, February 21, 2012

The Soup, not Super 5K Recap

I forwent my (mostly) annual running of the Super Bowl 5K this year for two reasons: 1) B.o.B. was going to be away from Front Street* and up to Michigan only a few weeks after the SB5K to run the Soup’r Chili 5K; and 2) having started my marathon training without any real base training and only 14 weeks before the marathon, so I needed a little extra time to relearn how to run.

Like always, I did my typical thorough prerace scouting by not once looking at the webpage for the race or even discussing it with the Redhead. So, when I discovered only days before the 5K that it was a ‘fun’ 5K where there would be ‘no official timing’ or such silly things as age group awards or even a winner, I was a little disappointed. I mean, it is the first 5K I was attempting to race in months. Oh well, at least Michigan’s mild winter means a dry course unencumbered by snow and ice.

But the Gods of winter decided that B.o.B. would get some snow for her Winter Wow! Fest and dumped about 8 inches of snow the night before the race. Race temperatures were in the teens and a nasty lake wind is one thing, but the course itself was a 4 loop run along the harbor and—although cleared earlier that morning—was recovered by an additional 2 inchers of lake effect snow. Wonderful.

Race plan gone. New race plan: do. not. fall. You can read the Redhead’s recap for a better description of the course, but I’ll just get to the important part—my disputed finish. While I claim that I finished third, others in the car ride home claimed I came in fourth. So, the technical finishing order is guy in grey shirt, black and white dog, guy in Ohio State (Boo!) shirt, then Spike. But that was a fast dog. Seems Nitmos was also going to be in town for the WWF, but he was too busy with the RUTA to be at the 5K.*

Also, my 10M step-down long run on Sunday went well.


* I know this isn't exactly what it means, but oh well.
** Congrats on your 500+ posts!!!


B.o.B. said...

Sorta good use of the term Front Street. If I squint.

That dog schooled you.

Thanks again for letting me come stay with you guys! Had a wintery wonderful time!!

Kandi said...

Awesome that you got beat by a dog!
Kind of like when I took my dog to a 2 mile fun run and people were disheartened when a basset hound passed them and beat them.

Redhead Running said...

You totally butchered Front St. Just saying.

Good job not falling out there but I'm a little ashamed you got beat by a dog.

Viper said...

Well, congrats on not falling ... since you failed to beat a dog. Pretty sad. Cheers to lake effect!

Viper said...

Oh, and go Ohio!

Ironman By Thirty said...

Was the dog male or female? You totally got chicked by a dog didn't you?

Greg said...


Ok, here is the question . . . was the dog wearing a bib? If it wasn't wearing a bib, then it didn't beat you. However, if it was wearing one of those doggie bandans, it may be a gray area and still count in the dog's favor.