Thursday, February 9, 2012

Know Your Blogger

Today, my friends, you get to play ‘Know Your Blogger.’

This round features the Redhead and me. And although I’ve been known to give away fabulous prizes on this blog, there will be none for this particular contest; unless you count getting to know us better. To play, simply submit who you think exhibits what trait in your comment.

Category One: One of Us is Gentle and One is Rough

One runner is gentle with their running shoes, always taking time to unlace them and air them out after a run. The other runner prefers to never take the time to untie or tie the laces. Instead, this runner prefers to shove a foot into the shoe, jamming the shoe tongue deep in to the shoe and simultaneously bending the backing for the heel. So, who is rough and who is gentle?

Category Two: Politeness While Running

One runner goes about the business of running, listening to music and moving along. Often this runner will not look at the beloved Garmin until after the run is complete. The other runner has been known to fart, bark back at barking dogs, slam a hand on the hood or trunk of an inattentive driver’s automobile, and even intimidate other people on the street by cussing at the beloved Garmin. So, who is a kind and sociable runner and who is rude?

Category Three: The Smell of Success

One runner hangs used running gear on the drying rack (the rack not labeled clean) and then puts the dried but dirty clothes in the hamper to be washed. The other runner will also put used running gear on the drying rack, but in lieu of putting said dirty clothes in the hamper, this runner will wear the ‘recently’ used clothes one or two more times before the clothes make their way to the hamper. So, who smells like a winner and who does not?


Sun Runner said...

Should I, why not.

Category One:
Spike: Gentle (because I know how you treat your precious books)

Category Two:
Spike: Rude
Redhead: Sociable

Category Three:
Spike: The Stinkmeister
Redhead: Fresh as a daisy

Morgan said...

You probably should've made a rule that Sun Runner wasn't allowed to comment since she knows us too well! LOL! Either way, NAILED IT.

Greg said...

Frickin' Awesome!

Shellyrm ~ just a country runner said...

Love this...and before I same sun runner's comment I got them all right too. You guys really come across your blogs.

We should have had to email our answers. ;-)

Sun Runner said...

I couldn't resist. :)

Vaudiophile said...

Well since the guessing game is busted, here's my categories:

McRough the Crime Dog: My laces don't come out and the heel fabric is usually gone by the time the shoe runs out. I've snapped my laces up the middle of my shoe on several occasions. When I take them off I usually throw them against a wall in the basement or the door upstairs to dry out.

Ravishing Rick Rude: I've chased down people that have nearly hit me until they park, and kicked a couple bumpers. I swear at people's pets, tell people on bikes to "get a car." People that try to discourage my running with fat jokes get told to do some very inappropriate things to themselves. All this in the middle of one of Michigan's murder capitals. I ain't skerd..

Penicillin Smelly: Reuse until they smell too awful to be covered by Febreeze or are too wet, and then throw them down the laundry shute and forget about them until they start growing things.