Wednesday, June 3, 2009

National Running Day

Today is National Running Day. Imagine, an entire day dedicated to running—a sport I love. Millions of people will get outside and run; many for the first time in a long time. There will be balloons, water, music, laughter, and sweat.

As for me, I am not running on principal. The whole event reeks of corporate greed and Hallmark. Unless you have a scheduled run for a race you are preparing for, I suggest you join my boycott.

Now, my boycott won’t involve anything fancy like an official protest or rally at the steps of the capital, such efforts are too showy for me. My boycott is more likely to involve me sitting outside with my bullhorn harassing any NRD participants.* I expect this harassment to continue unabated until the pizza I order from my cell phone arrives. Also, I expect to harass every runner, regardless of their knowledge of NRD or not. If you can’t make it to the East Lansing area, I suggest you hold your own boycott.

So, join me and billions of others by taking a load off, kicking your shoes off and your feet up, and relax, you can always run tomorrow when—like me—you have a run scheduled.

* I would like to thank Nitmos, whose various forms to taunting his children have inspired this particular form of boycott.


Amy said...

Ugh. Too late for me. Shame, too. Cause I love me some boycotts.

Sun Runner said...

Too bad...I'm running a 10K tonight, not really a race, but a relaxed 10K with pizza and beer afterward. So no boycott for me. :P

Vanilla said...

I would have totally joined you had I not already dedicated myself to running every day in the month of June.

Nitmos said...

I ran. I didn't hear your bull horn. I was forced to run last evening as tonight Baseball followed by the Wings.

Ms. V. said...


Cute, but I'll bet you ran anyway.

Two more days, eh? Where is this triple X Marathon anyway?