Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Post Bayshore and Keys

Answer: I hate the sound of keys jingling as they dangle whilst I drive; and I live on the edge of excitement!!!

Following Bayshore I went out for a few runs this past week, making sure I spaced them far enough apart to give my body ample rest. Like almost all of my post marathon runs, they were taxing. But I just went out to run ‘with effort’ but not trying to kill anything, mostly to get the rust and soreness out.

What I love most about these runs is that my legs get extremely tired after two miles and I really do get short on breath around four miles. I love post marathon runs because they are difficult, but also because they are post marathon.

It wasn’t until I did a long run on Sunday that I finally felt normal for the entire duration of a run, and that was aided by the beautiful scenery of the lake I was running around as much as anything else.

I’m in the process of planning my training for Chicago, looking to use the FIRST program and cut down on my days running per week. Also, there is a very slight chance I may forgo Chicago and run Grand Rapids the following week, I’ll let you know the how/whys next week.


Nitmos said...

Carefree, no expectations...those post race runs are really the best.

Viper said...

Yep, it's the season for fall marathon preparation. Good luck with your training plan.

Running and living said...

Glad you are going to use FIRST! I love it. My only problem with it was that althought I felt cardiovascularly fine (due to lots of biking and swimming in addition to running), the low mileage left my legs unprepared for the last few miles. It may be that I would have felt like that even on higher mileage, but this time around (Baystate in October) I am going to add one easy 4-5 miles recovery run (1 minute slower than marathon pace), to get my mileage up and hopefully my legs better prepared. Ana-Maria

Running and living said...

To asnwer yout question..
FOr Boston I Xtrained 3 times/week and ran 3 times/week. I did intervals in 2 out of 3 Xtraining sessions. For my next marathon, I am going to Xtrain 2 times/week, run 3 key workouts and also do one easy run (so 4 runs total). Good luck! Ana-Maria
P.S. I recomend buying the FIRST book if you haven't already. It's got great info and also the paces you need to run for all the key workouts.

Ms. V. said...

Post anything is good.

The Laminator said...

I forgot how much post-marathon runs can be. That must mean I am ready to train for my next one. Thanks for reminding me.