Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Of Late

In preparing to begin training for the Chicago Marathon, I’ve taken a few weeks off running—and working out altogether. This time off has produced an unexpected result. I’ve stopped caring about everything. Seriously.

First, since I’ve stopped working out I started eating like crap. If that translucent orange grease from my pizza drips on my new white dress shirt, I don’t care. If I eat so many Girl Scout cookies I throw-up a little, I just swallow it back down and hope for the best. Yesterday at work a sales rep stopped in and left us a box of 12 Krispy Kreme doughnuts. I ate six of them in less than ten minutes and washed them down with 24 ounces of Mtn Dew (has anyone else noticed the Mountain Dew cans now just say “Mtn”? It’s not like they went phonetic or anything; they just got text lazy.).

Oh, but that isn’t all. I’ve stopped caring about my appearance altogether. I don’t shave (who grows a summer beard unless you’re a hockey player in the playoffs?), I don’t bother showering (why, I’m not working out or sweating…well I do sweat a little while watching TV lately.), and I’ve given up on brushing my teeth (how bad can by breath really get?). Oh, and yesterday when I put my hand on a hot stove, I just really didn’t care to pull it off right away.

And other people. Well, I wouldn’t say I’m misanthropic, but I pretty much hate everyone. And if you are on TV, I automatically hate you (even if you are that guy who saved the box of puppies and kittens out of the burning house). Worse, when I saw a guy running shirtless while carrying his shirt in his hand and while it was 62 degrees and overcast outside, I couldn’t even summon my righteous indignation. I didn’t even swerve my car to give him a scare. At work I’m trying a new program I call the “Only 1” program. Only 1 means I will only give you one word answers. If this is inconvenient, you need to ask better questions.

Also, as of late my ‘career’ has been getting in the way of my overall disillusionment of everything. I’ve had two huge court dates over the past two weeks and a wedding where I delivered a 15 minute best man speech. But now the happy couple is off on their honeymoon, I was victorious in court, and as my first day of training is looming, I have to admit I am beginning to care just a bit again. In fact, I’ve even stopped farting in my office (and have picked up my old habit of doing such awful things in the firm’s library). For anyone who thinks I have ignored you as of late, please know it’s me, not you, and that I’m sorry. If I promise to brush my teeth, can we kiss and make up?


Nitmos said...

You sure that guy holding his shirt in 62 degrees and overcast wasn't me? I tend to do that. The cool, cool air on my overly sensitive nips Please don't hit me. I'll be doing it all summer.

Enough of your tour of the deadly sins sloth and gluttony. Back to work!

Sun Runner said...

I like how you have "career" in quotes. I think that's the best part of the whole thing. ;)

Running and living said...

Yup, that happens to me when I stop running, too. This is why I managed to take 0 days off of working out and only 4 days off of running after my marathon - just did not want my patients to start shrinking me. Glad you are back! Ana-Maria

Ms. V. said...

Dude, do I need to remind you to HTFU?

Missing you!

Xenia said...

This post was awesome. My favorite line?

"Well, I wouldn't say I'm misanthropic, but I pretty much hate everyone."

Dude, I think we're long lost siblings. :)

Irish Cream said...

If you brush and use ample amounts of Listerine, I suppose we can kiss and make up ;)

Now dust the cookie crumbs off those running shoes! We have a marathon to train for!

Morgan said...

LMAO! Literally... I"m about to cry I'm laughing so hard! Love the post!!