Wednesday, September 2, 2009

“Mighty Brave of You”

Apparently, the reports of Summer’s early demise have been slightly exaggerated around here. But the sunset time is steadily creeping down, so my ‘evening’ track sessions are becoming ‘mid-evening’ track sessions. Oh well, we do what we do.

As I walked onto the track I noted one other runner and a large carpet draped across the track and buttressed up against the football field. This carpet is quite helpful in avoiding damage to the track by all those unfriendly football cleats, but doesn’t help the runners one bit while it’s down. So, I simply pulled the carpet back on top if itself and out of lanes one and two.

Shortly thereafter the other runner stopped and asked whether I had pulled the carpet back? I resisted all temptation to blurt out a condescending insult (like, no the magic track gnomes did it) and simply answered affirmatively. He then asked me if I had permission to do that, and I said “No.” The other runner stood there silently for a few seconds and then said, “I’m glad you did that, it’s mighty brave of you.”

Feeling like a hero, I ran 1K, 2K, 1K, and 1K. My times were three seconds off my goal time per 1K. Consistent. Nice. I really feel I could have made my goal times, but the other runner had left and I was running these alone. Of the many things I miss about running with the MMTC, having other people push you to go faster on speed work is definitely one of them.

This weekend I’ve got a 23M run, and I’m going to try something different with my music. The twist is to listen to a book for the first half, and then music for the last half. I mean, I have all this unused space on my iPod.


B.o.B. said...

You are a rebel.

Let me know how that whole book thing goes. I don't know if I could do that.

Running and living said...

Too funny!
Good luck with the 23 miler. I might attempt that, or at least a 22 miler next week. I typically listen to podcasts when I run, but recently have discovered the power of a good playlist. Good luck

Irish Cream said...

I tried the book thing once . . . but the fact that my ipod refused to play the chapters in consecutive order without my assistance didn't help things at all (apparently there was no option to play ALL the chapters at once? I had to manually select and play each new chapter after the previous one had ended). Um, no thanks! I'll stick to my podcasts and running tunes! :)

Good luck on the 23-miler, you brave soul!