Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Things Fall Apart: The Weight of Winter

Sorry Beautiful, but I’m into my winter 10, and just to be honest, it turned out to be a winter 12 this year. Whew, I feel better now.

So, since the OUC 5K, I basically forgot to run for a while, and therefore my running habits haven’t been going strong. In fact, they got pretty ugly pretty fast. I’ve had an 8M long run and a 10M long run sitting around and talking trash for weeks now. I asked the sloth sitting next to me to get my back, but he said I made him look productive. Make him look productive?!? That jerk has been wearing the same pair of my underwear for the past five days. Sometimes I hate the sloth more than the goat.

And then the Pillsbury Dough Boy called and said I was fat. I told him to come on over and say it to my face, but I really just wanted to bake that little punk and later him up with butter—then enjoy crispy deliciousness.

But training for Boston starts this week, and I finally managed to get a 10M run in last weekend. The real problem is training fast in snow. I believe there is a limit to how fast you can run in the snow. My best guess is that I can only hit about 80% workout effort on snow covered sidewalks/roads. After that, pushing it only serves to greatly increase the likelihood of a fall.

Point and case, on clear and open roads I hit 5M in 25 degree temps at a 6:50/M average; on snow covered sidewalks I could only manage 8:05/M for my 10M. Then, on mostly clear sidewalks, I could hit three mile repeats at 6:10, 6:19, 6:14. So, for everyone out there dealing with the same crap I am, I feel ya!

And finally, tomorrow I leave to Chattanooga to go spend time with a certain wonderful Redhead. We will be doing out first ‘long run’ together. I believe, in running relationships, this is considered the ‘biggest test’ there is. I better not fail.


Sun Runner said...

That unwelcome guest around my middle is the "winter tube." Living where we do, we can't avoid it; it shows up every year without fail. Go away, winter tube!

Boston training will kick that slob out the door. See you later, you couch-surfing slacker.

Have a safe drive and GREAT weekend!

Katie A. said...

Enjoy the run with the Redhead!! Drive safe!

Morgan said...

So basically you're warning me that tomorrow I will arrive to find that I have a fat boyfriend in dirty underwear covered in goat and sloth hair and that you've also forgotten how to run fast. (Which is why I'm even dating you in the first place!!!)Excellent. Can't wait to see you either babe!

Running and living said...

Yes, I completely agree about how tough it is to run in the snow. I've notice that on snow my feet have longer contact with the ground (to prevent slipping) and I end up running slower. Not to mention if the temps are crazy low and it is windy! On the positive side, we'll be much more prepared for whatever day Boston brings!

Irish Cream said...

Safe travels and have fun! Give the Redhead a big hug for me (just be careful not to smoosh her with your winter 12)!!

Ms. V. said...

oooo a running relationship. please explain how that works...and why is this post JUST showing up now in my bloglines!?

TallGuySurfing said...

Hahahah @ Morgan's comment. Way to knock down any high expectations Spike! Hopefully, you'll have a break from that snowy surface down in Vol Land. I'd probably get fat too if I lived up there... that our I'd just die. Time to go surf in 60 degree water! Ouch!

Adam said...

Yeah, I'm with you... 80% tops on the snow / ice. Any more than that and you'd also have a broken nose to go with the extra squish the dough boy has been making fun of.

What, we only have 4-5 more months of this, right?