Friday, December 4, 2009

Weekend Jumpstart

I’ve put in some long work hours these past few weeks—even with the recent long holiday I need a little vacation. If I’m forced to train for Boston in cold and stupid Michigan, I better slot a little getaway.

This weekend the only local 5K is the Dashing Through the Snow 5K, but snow is not expected to last around here this weekend. Plus, the only thing more depressing than Lansing not having salt bagels after a race is partaking in a race with the word “snow” in it when there is no snow on the ground. Therefore, I think I’ll utilize the Runner’s Word Race Finder and find me a better 5K.

I’ll drop a race report, and let you all in on a little secret, next week.


Paul said...

Best to look for a new race anyway ... the only folks entering a 'Dashing Through the Snow' race should be named Dancer, Prancer, Vixen or have a red nose. I assume you don't shape up to any of these descriptions??

Running and living said...

Yes, why 5K in the "snow" if you can 5k somewhere with cool but not freezing temps! Good luck!

Adam said...

You could have always ran the snow race while throwing cotton balls at everyone. "eat snow elite runner!!"

Irish Cream said...

You are so sneaky, you! I wish I wouldn't have gotten so behind on my google reader . . . because I totally would have called your ass on this one ;)