Wednesday, March 28, 2012

A Clown with Mint Shakes and the U.P.

On Saturday I volunteered at the Ronald McDonald Run for the House. After having a previous run-in with the Clown,* I decided a good deed might fix our broken relationship. So I grabbed the megaphone and assisted at the Mile 4 water station. Or, as the residents and runners were informed: “The only non-prime number water station on either the 5K or 10K course!” And maybe a little “I hope you don’t suffer from Coulrophobia or you are not going to like the end of this race.” I only wish I had made a sign that said “Coulrophobia suffers begin alternate route here” and drew and arrow pointing away from the course. Obscure is the name of the game my friends.

This week I am away from the Redhead as work takes me to Marquette, Michigan. So, after my less than stellar 21M long run on Sunday, where my beloved Garmin wonked out, gave me the frozen screen of death and then reset only to have 1% battery, causing me to have to use it as a plain old watch, where I then had to stop and give directions to a guy who was miles away from where he wished to be, and finally where I lost two GUs that fell out of my new Brooks Sherpa III shorts. Yep, bad long run. These things happen.

And shortly after a quick shower I headed up to the west side of the U.P., a lovely 8 hour drive. Note, I saw an ad that said “End of the World 2M; Upper Peninsula 4M”

Before I left I found this and contacted one of their members for some route suggestions. It is by this means that I learned of the wonderful trail they have up here along the bay. Isn’t it awesome how helpful other runners can be! Yesterday I had beautiful skies and 45 degree temps and 30MPH winds for my track workout. Notwithstanding the crazy winds, the path was unbelievably picturesque. Today I took a 4M jaunt around Presque Isle. The park itself is a 2M loop and includes a significant climb. The entire path including one loop around the Isle gives you an amazing flat 9M journey—aside from the Isle.

*Insert your own clowns like it rough joke here


Ironman By Thirty said...

I had to go catch up on your previous run in with the clown. Amazing. Way to take that clown down. And then I had to catch up on your deer story. Maybe I'll eventually come back and read this post :)

Jordan said...

Definitely had to google coulrophobia. It all makes sense now haha

Vaudiophile said...

I'm still convinced that Coulrophobia isn't real. It was all made up after the "It" or the "Killer Clowns from Outer Space" movies, and being scared of them became cool and overused for humorous plot effects. Nobody's really scared of clowns. They've just lied about it so much they eventually believe they are.

Anyone claiming to be scared of them should be strapped down and made to watch "Vulgar" or that scene from Poltergeist until they're desensitized.

Vaudiophile said...

...or maybe the Crispin Glover "Clowny Clown Clown" video...yeah, let's go with that.

Redhead Running said...

You really should've included a map of the U.P., so non-Michigander peeps could've been able to see where exactly you were!

Also, I hate a clown. But not as much as your sister.

B.o.B. said...

i'm ok with clowns. dated quite a few actually. ba-dum-dum.

that 21 mile run sounds all sorts of terrible. and hilarious. sorry about your garmin.