Wednesday, March 21, 2012

A Roll of the Dice

With five weeks before the Lansing Marathon, I am more nervous about this marathon than I’ve even been for any marathon. Every marathon except for Boston 10 I felt prepared with about five weeks left and was looking forward to my tapper in two weeks.* At this point in all of my previous training I had done at least two 20M long runs (typically 3), and this year I’ve only done one thus far. This time around I’m trying a two week tapper, only because starting late necessitated such a move.

My long runs have progressed in a positive manner every week, but the distances still seem formidable. If I had finished my 16M this week and though: ‘That was good I could have kept going for a few more miles;’ I’d be less worried. Instead I found myself thinking: ‘Ten more, NFW.’ And that is why this race seems like such a roll of the dice. Or, perhaps, I have insufficient training to gauge what to expect on race day. I anticipate I’ll be able to complete the distance, but underprepared to attempt to go for a BQ. I’ll have greater familiarity with the course than I have ever had. I’ll have had fewer miles on my shoes than ever before. In my favor, I’ve had the best winter/spring training weather any Michigander could ever hope for. Yet, my training times/splits have been slower than previous training sessions—especially considering my track workouts.

I’m improving, but I’m quickly running out of time.

* Go ahead, say it one more time, you are only training 14 weeks. Well, in case you didn’t know, Marathon Master Hal Higdon’s Boston Bound marathon training plan is only 12 weeks long so stop complaining.


Ironman By Thirty said...

Sure you'll have familiarity with the course, but WHICH course??? haha

You're going to do great. Just nail the next couple of weeks and then just survive the taper crazies.

Sun Runner said...

As a survivor of a marathon for which I was undertrained...

I know you'll perform better than I did, but don't be surprised if this one hurts more than the others.

Personally, I feel that my experience at Thunder Road was a valuable lesson. It convinced me that if I can't give 100% to a training plan, I should not be running a marathon, hence why a full is not on my list this year.

At least you're experienced enough to suspect this might not be your Best Race Ever, though I still expect you to pull off a 3:15. ;)

Viper said...

Oh no. Oh no no no no. You are doomed. Doomed! You might as well chop off your legs now and give up running for good. Don't bother racing. What's the point?

My god, man, get a grip. It's only running.

B.o.B. said...

i second what everyone above said.

you'll do fine. you're one of those annoying people who is just a good runner naturally. as a matter of fact GFY.

Nitmos said...

Every race is a roll of the dice. Your dice are just those 20 sided D&D die - not that I know anything about D&D, Elgorth.