Monday, March 5, 2012

How is Your Bubble?

Remember when I wrote this. All eager with “I’m getting back into shape” joy. Then, weeks later, somehow, I start my marathon training with this (see paragraphs 3 & 4). Wow, what an epic ‘build a base’ fail. Complete house made on sand moment. Instead, I was left with a compressed 14 week marathon training schedule with my first ever 2 week taper (as oppose to 3). Yesterday’s 18M constituted the first half of my training. As of yet, I’ve done zero 20M; but that changes this weekend. Because of my love for March Madness, and my fear that my own training is teetering on the ‘training’ bubble, I’m giving myself a mid-training report card.

Running Goals: Key runs missed (speed, tempo, long) = 0. Weekly maintenance runs missed = 2. Runs I finished and thought…nailed it = 1. Runs I hated with every ounce of my being = 3.
Diet/Fueling Goals: On track for desired/healthy weight loss. Total oz of pop consumed = 40. Days I was wayward from my healthy runner diet = 5 (two bad weekends).
Injury Update: No serious injuries thus far, just some general soreness and a slightly persistent ankle tweak.

Weather Update: Number of runs significantly hampered by poor weather = 2. Same only considering key runs = 1. And that folks, for this region of the world and time of the year, is amazing.

So, my effort has been an A-. My results are closer to C+. My ‘grades’ are improving and, like every college student, I’m thinking that with continued hard work I can have a great final exam. Which, for marathons and classes with only a final exam, is all that counts.


Ironman By Thirty said...

How come there is no grade for wedding planning???

It sure has been great training weather for the Midwest! Keep up the "studying".

Redhead Running said...

Keep up the great work fatty!!! LOL!

Vaudiophile said...

I'm still looking to rebound to the half-marathon bubble. What's your ideal length for a marathon training program? Any recommendations as I try to tackle the first one?

B.o.B. said...

oooo i love your new pic. is this an homage to prince? "the sky was so purple?" i hope so. if not, you are probably hating my reference right now. sorry.

march madness baby! yeah! paging mr. vitale.

anywho, i think you're doing great! keep up the hard work and you WILL ace that exam.