Monday, May 4, 2009

The Deal

After last weekend’s brutal Borgess (Nat City) Half and Race for the Cure my legs felt a little spent. This is not the feeling you want heading into a heavy mileage week—even if it is your last week before the blessed taper. I had two 10M runs (one at pace) and then a 22M to 24M long run looming on the schedule.

So, I offered a deal to my body, the preverbal olive branch. My mind said to my body. “Alas [my mind loves this word], I know you and I have had our disagreements over the years. How we ever managed to get through college together still bewilders me. But, here is the deal. I need you to perform well over this upcoming week so that I may begin to feel confident about the race—and remain confident during that tricky taper madness. So, if you make it through this week, I will respect the taper and not ‘bad pride’ you into doing anything stupid.”

The body responded. 5M at 6:22/M, 10M at 6:52/M, 5M at 6:55/M for my Tues-Wed-Thurs runs. Then on my 10M pace run it provided a 6:42/M average with 6:35 being the fastest mile and 6:52 being the slowest. What is best about that run is how close the splits are for a 10M run.

Sunday I managed 23M at 7:13/M pace. Considering the fast 10M run the day before, this was a good run. As to be expected the latter miles were difficult, but they felt good and I wasn’t throwing down 7:45s and 8:00s like my last long run (my slowest mile being 7:31).

So the body had met its end of the bargain, the taper has begun, and now my mind must respect the taper. ‘Alas, I shall do my best to capitulate.’


Sun Runner said...

doing anything two fast (but awesome!) 5K races in three days two weeks before one's marathon?

My taper and I kissed and made up. It's all about the love now.

The Laminator said...

Good job with that last hard training week. I think that's always the hardest week to get through. Enjoy the taper.

Caitlin said...

Hi- thanks for visiting my blog over the weekend. I'm looking forward to following yours now, I'm a newbie runner (running my first 1/2 this weekend) so hopefully I can learn a thing or two.

Ms. V. said...

bad pride. HA!

Irish Cream said...

That is quite a deal indeed . . . but it sounds like your body is much more agreeable than mine! I think mine is constantly PMS-ing or something--geez! Anyway, GREAT runs . . . you are a machine!


Nitmos said...

Taper already?! Time flies! You seem prepped and ready. Taper right and this race will be yours!

Incidentally, I was hovering over the Submit button Sunday at 6:10 PM to sign up for the Bayshore half but - for $90?!?! - I decided to take a pass. $90??? Er, no thanks.