Tuesday, May 12, 2009

The River Bank Run

My oldest sister Emma and her friend Melissa were training for the River Bank Run 25K. Unfortunately, Melissa got injured close to the race and my sister was facing the prospect of running the event by herself. I have never run this race or a 25K at all, so I thought it would be good fun to join her. My schedule had a 12M run, and I felt a 15.5M run wouldn’t screw with my taper or offend the taper gods. Best of all, Melissa decided she was going to give the race a shot.

The weather was overcast and it poured my entire drive to Grand Rapids, stopping briefly as we walked to the start of the race. And, as if the starting gun pierced the clouds above, it began to pour again immediately after the start. Fat, ugly, heavy rain.

Not allowing the rain to dampen our spirits we began our 15M quest. And, not to get all Nitmos on you, but running the race for fun was actually quite fun. I really enjoyed running with Emma, and our protracted conversation about donuts and life and donuts. Sadly, Melissa’s injury proved too much, and she bowed out around mile 3—but rallied and ran the final 2 with us.

I would defiantly recommend this race as the after party was hopping despite the rain and cold winds. But, more importantly, I would defiantly recommend running this race with Emma and I sometime, because we had an awesome time.


Amy said...

That sounds really fun! I wish I could get my older bros interested enough in running to run a race with me. Lazy bastards. Hmph.

Anyway... nice job of enjoying the race despite the weather. I find that running in the rain isn't quite as bad as the pre-race waiting in the rain and the post-race walking around in the rain, while being already wet.

Nitmos said...

See, you even took it a step further. I didn't even talk about donuts once during the Pig.

Irish Cream said...

Dang, you people are really making me think I need to start running "for fun"! Sounds like it was a great time!

Running and living said...

Irish took my line. I've never been able to run a race for fun, but you make running for fun so fun, and I like fun so I should be running for fun! Ana-Maria