Friday, May 1, 2009

Make Yourself Less Miserable Later by Making Yourself More Miserable Now

I received a running tip from Randy Step, employee of the fine running store Running Fit, in his weekly e-mail. Randy suggests you (or I) slightly overdress on runs now, while the weather is transitioning from Spring to Death-by-Heat Summer. So, although you could simply run in shorts and a short sleeve shirt, you should overdress a bit on cooler day. Such a trick will help acclimate your body to the looming warmer temperatures.

Alright, sounds crazy enough to try; but does it work? I decided to give Randy’s advice a shot last night. I wore a long sleeve Smartwool undershirt and a short sleeve running shirt over it, and my usual running shorts. Temps were in the high 60s despite rain all day…and I mean all day except for when I step out to run at 8:30pm. With the temp around 68 degrees I went out for my 5M run slightly overdressed. The result? It made my run significantly more difficult and uncomfortable. I could tell I was working harder than normal and that my body temperature was significantly elevated. My splits went: 6:40, 7:01, 7:03, 6:59, 6:52.

As for the ‘suffer now to suffer less later,’ check back this summer and I’ll let you know.


Sun Runner said...

We went from winter to dog days of summer over two days last week...that's no transition, that's like being teleported.

And dude. Randy doesn't just work for RF, he owns it. RF is "my store."

Viper said...

This sounds just stupid enough to try it.

The Laminator said...

Geez...a bit extreme! I guess it's a good idea...if you're training for Badwater!

Ms. V. said...

How did I miss three of your posts? What? I thought you DID a marathon last weekend, and now you're tapering? You are WAY out of my league.

On the layering. I have always, even in 30 or lower (rare in CA) have just worn a tank top. In the winter I wear a hat, and it keeps me warm enough. In the summer, a rubber band in my hair. I don't think I could run in your humidity.

You're one of these *real* runners, aren't you.

I read about Phillip. Amazing how we get the most out of helping someone else, isn't it.

Running and living said...

I don't know, not for me. There are a few months in the year where running in shorts and T shirt is comfortable... Why NOT enjoy them? Ana-Maria

Amy said...

Hmmm... interesting idea. Maybe thats what all the dumbasses I see out running 5ks in low 60 degrees are doing wearing fleece jackets and long pants. Somehow, I doubt it.