Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Hello Wall

The ‘Wall.’ The enemy of every long distance runner and destroyer of BQ dreams. The inspiration for the movie “Run Fatboy Run.” I know the Wall, I hit it at my first marathon around mile 21. The Wall is breaths of exhaustion piled upon one another and cemented by a mixture of fear and doubt.

So, needless to say I was quite surprised to see the Wall—not to mention run smack into it—during last night’s 4M run. Yes, I hit the wall in a 4M run. At the start of the second mile I was doubting myself, questioning if I should ever race again, and how on Earth I was going to make it the entire run—let alone a marathon.

But that wasn’t the Wall. No, the Wall showed up shortly into mile 3. Bamm. Legs mush into jelly, every breath was a massive struggle. I wanted to walk. Walk, on a 4M easy run?

It is not a guarantee you will hit the Wall every marathon, but when you do the only questions that matters is how you will respond. Fortunately, I kept gutting it out and kept fighting, thinking only of moving my feet and pumping my arms…repeating the words “I believe.” Stupid Wall. Splits: 6:10, 6:38, 6:52, 6:42. In the end my average was right where I wanted it to be, but it was a struggle.


Irish Cream said...

Great job gutting it out! I hate when shorter runs feel damn near impossible, but it sounds like it was great practice for Bayshore. Just remember . . . that wall doesn't stand a chance against you ;)

Nitmos said...

Man, you must be really pushing yourself to hit it on a 4 miler! Sounds more mental than physical though. Taper brain?

Running and living said...

Were you running low on fuel? I have the worst runs when I "run on empty". Regardless, nice pushing through. Ana-Maria

The Laminator said...

Way to fight off the stupid wall!

Ms. V. said...

Hey Spike!! I knew I liked you. One of my favorite movies!!!