Thursday, July 23, 2009

Far From the Madding Crowd

If you recall (dig deep in that cortex system of yours) last summer I did speed workouts with the MMTC, and it was a blast. This summer I’ve done my speed workouts alone—except for when some fancy kids prevented me. And while Lam wrote a great post about to long run alone or not to long run alone, I think speed work is done best with others.

That said, I’ve think I’ve avoided hitting a MMTC workout due to fears that I won’t be fast enough. I decided to hide away from others suspicious judgment of me as I attempt to whirl around the track, running shirtless and exposing my egg-white skin to harmful UV rays that refuse to alter my pigmentation.

But because I just can’t seem to nail my speed workouts, I may have to force myself to run with others.

Also, in honor of my beloved Sesame Street, today’s post is brought to you by the letter P. As in “painful” and “plantar fasciitis;” which I was officially diagnosed with yesterday. Stupid heal…


Nitmos said...

The MMTC, eh? Never heard of 'em. I thought that was the public busing group.

Maybe if you took that spiky red thing out of your heel area, things would improve, no?

Running and living said...

In the FIRST book they talk about how workouts are harder at the begining and not to worry if you can't hit the paces. Workouts repeat (4 cycles, I think) and you are supposed to eventually hit the paces! I can also see how running with other (fast or faster) runner could help! Sorry about PF. I hear that rolling the foot on an iced water bottle and wearing a sexy PF sock work well! Ana-Maria

The Laminator said...'s funny. Although I will entertain the thought of running with a group for my long run from time to time, I have never done speedwork with others. Part of the reason is because I don't want my speedwork sessions to become a race. Another is that I find myself more atuned to cues from my body when I'm doing speedwork which allows me to improve my form. If I were to do my 800s or mile intervals with others in the vicinity, I would focus more on keeping up with them and running as fast as I can rather than my own form and pacing.

I hope your PF heals well.