Monday, July 20, 2009

Hero Worship

Last Thursday I was nearing the end of a rather taxing tempo run when I noticed a unique man walking a pleasant dog. Although I wouldn’t describe his shirt as tight, (say, like that of the frat guys around campus) I could easily see well defined pecks and raw speed hidden underneath.

Now I’ve known for a while that Nitmos and I live very close to each other, but I hadn’t had a chance to stop and officially say “Hi.” And as I rapidly approached I recognized my hero a few feet away. I immediately stopped my run and dropped to my knees as a sign of respect.

After allowing me to look him directly in the eyes and speak to him, I requested an autograph. Unfortunately, neither of us had a pen so I asked him to flex his amazing pecks. He said “Absolutely.” It was amazing. I then asked if I could stop by for dinner sometime, and he said “Absolutely not!” I can tell we are going to be fast friends.

Finally, we discussed an upcoming local race and then we went on our way. I can say without reservation that I was honored to meet my local running hero.


Nitmos said...

Did I allow you to rise before finishing your run? I can't remember. No matter, I have other things to worry about anyhow.

You'll probably require surgery to extract that tongue from your cheek.

The Laminator said...

Wow, you must have zoomed through the rest of your run after that hero encounter! I am officially jealous!

Sun Runner said...

You guys. So who is going to kick whose ass at that race on Sunday?

Viper said...

Even in jest, you make me sick.

Adam said...

HA! A living breathing running legend. I've honestly never seen anyone that I've recognized out on the run. I wonder if I would say hi or if I would jump into a bush and hide.

Brent said...

I saw Nitmos at the Bayshore 10k in May. I knew right away it was him but was too overcome with emotion to ask for a pec flex.
~ Katie

PS feel free to email me CCRR 1/2 info at katie _ mae 1985 at yahoo dot com