Friday, July 31, 2009

TEMPO Thursday, Sunburn Sunday

I made two slight adjustments to my normal tempo run this week. First, I decided that I would wait until 8pm to run, as oppose to my normal 5pm time. The difference in time, 3 hours (but the mathematically astute out there already had that one figured out). The difference in temperature, 8 degrees. The difference in angle of hot and angry sun glairing down on me, 35 degrees. The difference in ease of effort, massive.

My tempo runs have been strong all training long, and this was no exception. The main difference is how much easier and natural it was to make this tempo run happen.

The second, and more important adjustment, was inspired by Ana-Maria’s post the other day. I included her mantra and it inspired me in the last two miles where I was feeling tired and somewhat demoralized.


Saturday I rocked 22M out at Kensington Park. I ran early, but the Running Gods still found it necessary to taunt me again. I had a cloudless sky and a sun to accompany me on my long on. Then, of course, it rained all evening in Lansing. Decision to run early = backfire. I hit a strong 7:28/M average, excellent considering the hilly nature of the course and the ever-rising temps.

And then Sunday I rediscovered why sunscreen is so important. I made this discovery by failing to apply the sunscreen I brought. 4 hours of beach v-ball left me red like a lobster and in immense pain. Ouch!


Finally, Morgan over at Caution: Redhead Running was kind enough to award this very blog with an award she was awarded with. Basically it’s the same way I ended up with MC Hammer’s Grammy. Thanks Morgan!


Nitmos said...

If you run at 5 on Thursday and I run at 5 on Thursday and we live only 1/4 mile apart, how is it that we've never passed? Maybe the mathematically astute can figure that one out. "If two trains traveling at...."

Xenia said...

Mother of god! What the hell is in the water in your part of Michigan?! You and Nitmos are both hella fast. Crickey, I can't even hold a 7:28 mile pace for 400 m let alone 22 miles. Good on you, sir.

Brent said...

Holy Speed!!! Thanks for the info on the CCRR, we'll be staying at the Radisson so you won't have to shuttle us around :)
~ Katie

Running and living said...

Hey, glad the mantra worked for you. Also, good to know that lower temps made running easier. I get discouraged as to how tough my tempos and long runs are. Nice job on the training! Ana-Maria