Monday, July 13, 2009

Weekend Wedding

This past Saturday my ‘weekend’ roommate (aptly named because he comes into town on the weekend for his job and crashes at my pad) and his lovely fiancé got married. It was a wonderful wedding and the reception was loads of fun. Of note, I was able to convince the waitress to bring our table French fries after noting how it was not only unfair that small children had received fries, but that they were probably violating a law by discriminating against our table on the basis of age. They were delicious.

But the reception ran late and I didn’t get home until an unreasonable hour. As I was setting the alarm for my morning 17M run I was already doubting whether I would really wake up and run it on so little sleep. Not surprisingly, I didn’t make it out the door for my morning run.

So like an unwelcome guest, those 17M sat around my place all day Sunday. It watched TV, took a nap, and ate cookies. Finally, I realized that it wasn’t going to leave unless I did something about it. So, at 6:30pm I began my long run.

Although my average pace was good, the run itself was spotty. The hot and dry conditions persisted throughout the run because I began too early to receive the benefit of a setting sun and cooler temperatures. Nope, 74 and sunny the entire run. But, the hope is that runs in such conditions will help improve my calf cramping issues.


Running and living said...

Hey, glad you got the run done! I am a true believer that tough runs make you more mentally tough. Plus, you can't count on nice low temps for your marathon, so getting your body used to the heat is a good thing! Ana-Maria

Irish Cream said...

You're just acclimating to the heat, that's all! At least that's what I told myself yesterday morning when I opted to lay around on my bed for 2 hours before starting my long run at an already very warm 8:30 a.m. :)

Glad you had fun at the wedding!

Ms. V. said...

Hey, at least you did it.

Morgan said...

I'm glad you got that unwanted guest out of your system! Be thankful you don't have to worry about blazing hot heat 24/7 like I do down here... although sometimes I think about how much nicer it'd be to run back home right up until I realize I can still run in December down here while ya'll are freezing your asses off up there!

I'll be sure to continually countdown til Chicago for you... we can freak out about it together! LOL!

Nitmos said...

None of these restaurants give me a coloring page and crayons anymore. Unless I ask. Bigots. I'm suing.

Way to shoo the long run out the door.