Thursday, September 3, 2009

If You Give a Goat a Dollar: Part II

Today all of you are luck enough to get two posts in one.

Part One: Fall Races

It occurred to me last night while having dinner with some of my running friends that I had yet to sign up for my other two fall races. Well, I had better get on that and take advantage of the early registration while I still can. I mean, we are talking about 5 bucks here, maybe 10 if I was really late.

This morning I signed up for the Capital City River Run Half-Marathon. A race I’ve done several times and love quite well. The course is scenic and has only two small/medium sized hills (one early, one late). I plan on using this race as a pre-Chicago dry-run. I’ve done this in the past with great success. Also, FIRST calls for a 13M run at marathon pace. I love it when a plan comes together.

I also signed up for a race I’ve never run, the WMU Homecoming Campus Classic. This 5K is two weeks after Chicago and will be my shot for trying to nail a sub 18:00 before a step down my training for a little bit. This should be a competitive race considering it’s on a college campus; so lots of young kids to drag me along.

Part Two: The Return of the Goat

Some of you may know that I enlisted some non-conventional help in hopes of obtaining good weather for the Chicago Marathon. Well, because there is photographic evidence, I should tell the other half of the story.

After the goat ate my dollar some people—let’s just call them tree hugging animal rights’ whiners—insisted that feeding a goat a dollar was cruel and harmful. Like eating a dollar (let’s just call it fiber) would have some sort of a negative effect on the goat’s precious little goat tummy. So, to prove a point, I ate half of a dollar bill, along with my cohort (who ate the other half). Below I provide the visual evidence of feeding the goat a dollar and my subsequent consumption of America’s great currency (what can I say, I ate lots of pennies as a child).

Oh, don’t think I’m not aware of the irony of saving five bucks on a race registration while so casually donating two dollars to various digestive systems. I am what I am. And if I wasn’t so thrifty with my race registration, I wouldn’t be able to afford to feed goats dollars.

Note: the dollar on the ground before consumptoin

"I've had better."


B.o.B. said...

You might be surprised to find some not so fit college kids as well. I think you are going kick their beer guzzling butts.

Can't believe you ate a dollar. Weirdo.

(P.S. I love things as well as stuff.)

Morgan said...

I support anything, eating currency included, to help good weather for Chicago! Bon appetite! :)

April said...

HaHa! You are so entertaining!

Sun Runner said...

I run past llamas occasionally. What should I do to them to ensure good weather for NYC?

Please do not bring up my recent squirrel encounters...

Amy said...


Running and living said...

Good luck with the races! Hopefully all your effors will pay of and the weather is going to be great in Chicago!

Nitmos said...

That bill on the ground before the goat appears to be rolled. Did this dollar bill also have another purpose before it became goat food?

I saw you run by my house the other day. tried to heckle but you were gone in a flash...

Irish Cream said...

I'd be willing to pay a lot more than 2 dollars to ensure that we have perfect race day weather in Chicago . . . I'm thinking you actually got quite a deal there ;)