Thursday, September 10, 2009

Recovery Runs, Broken iPods, and Missing Water

Following a late night at Hacienda Holiday, my friend “The Champion” requested I accompany him on a 6M run. The Champion is climbing Mt. Rainer this weekend, and has been training for it for weeks. As an aside, the Champion has been one of my closest friends since college but lives in Arizona now.

Our run was an easy pace, and we had an amazing conversation about how difficult it is to actually ‘be’ in a moment, and how often we let things slip away because we are so busy thinking as oppose to listening. We also discussed the ever important questions we had of the other’s sport (i.e. what do you do when you have to go to the bathroom on a mountain/running a marathon). Well, we are boys after all.


A few weeks ago my iPod, named “The Emergence of Fall and Joy,” broke whilst I was running in the rain. Since then the light doesn’t work and it won’t hold a charge for very long. So I had to buy a new one. Only thing is, Apple stopped making the iPod shuffle 2.0, they have a new version about the size of a stick of Trident and the controls are on the headphones. So, basically, not so great for running.

This led to driving to several different ‘box stores’ to by an ‘older’ version. Sadly, I couldn’t find the old version in any color other than hot pink. What I was able to find, however, was a refurbished silver one. The new iPod has been christened “Ghost of Great Expectations.”

I’m also planning on getting my old one fixed, because these babies are now officially on relic status.

In case you are unaware, I place 8oz bottles of water on my long run courses; one every 5M. For most of my long runs, mile 15 is located alongside MSU’s campus. I hide the 15M water bottle by some bushes the night before my run. During my 21M run a few weeks ago someone got to my water before I did, and I was quite upset to see it smashed and empty. This is not something I dealt with very well because I was thirsty and because it meant no water until mile 20.

Stupid students.

Well, for my 23M run, I moved my route a bit and hid my water (and a Gatorade) by where my friends would be tailgating. They had agreed to put them on ice and give them to me on my way through. Well, again somebody destroyed my hydration at mile 15. Fortunately, my friends went to buy a water bottle for me (apparently they don’t bring water to a tailgate).

Mile 15 is the only place where water has ever gone missing off the course. And I’m not entirely sure what I can do about it. If I find a more difficult place to hide them, I might as well burry it. Hummm…suggestions?


Morgan said...

Didn't you once mention you ran/lived by Nitmos? Hmmm...

Running and living said...

I agree wiht Morgan. It "could" be Nitmos...
I've had problems with my I-pods. I now own 2, as well. They often stop when they get wet (sweat or rain) and I have to reset them. Such a pain.

B.o.B. said...

I assume that these are un-opened water bottles? You could always open them and then the water thief (Nitmos) would (probably) not want to drink it since it has been opened. Mark the bottle so you know the water level. Yes this opens up lots of room to tampering but it's all I got.

You could also hide your water under/on something less obvious.

Boys love to talk about poop don't they?

P.S. Sorry my comment is so long! No you cannot bite by shark horn style. Get your own!

Katie said...

My mom always tells me that someone is going to poison my water bottles that I stash but whatever, I usually feel like death anyway once I get to them, go ahead and do me in for all I care!

Nitmos said...

Hey, I'm (probably) not to blame.

Why don't you just loop around to your pad every 5-6 miles and then you don't have to stash anything at all. Must your runs be linear?

Irish Cream said...

Hmm, okay . . . so what if you tainted your own water and left it for "the thief" to drink? Things might just work themselves out "naturally" then, mightn't they?