Monday, October 19, 2009

New Stuff

I shall wax poetically for a moment—you have been warned. They say you should never try anything new before a marathon. I wonder if they include starting a new job the week before the marathon? Well, I looked high and low for ‘they’ but couldn’t find them. So I decided to do it anyway. Worked out fine. But this does mean posting and commenting will be a little sporadic for a few weeks (read: as I discover exactly what is contained in the “Acceptable Computer/Internet Use Policy” and how closely they monitor/enforce it.).

Ever have a perfect—and totally unexpected—weekend? I had me one of those recently. You have a secret hope that things will maybe work out in your favor. You quietly hope you’ll catch a break or two as you lie awake in bed; painfully recalling all the breaks you failed to catch. And then, because sometimes the stars align, everything not only works out—not only perfectly—but even the most optimistic of secret hopes are eviscerated. All of which leaves you beaming and exhausted on a Sunday evening.

Speaking of evisceration, my beloved Eco-friendly SUV (read: destroyer of Earth vehicle) eviscerated a deer this past weekend. Now, it is deer hunting season in Michigan, but I’m not really a hunter. That fact notwithstanding, a deer decided it was going to race me as I was traveling 70mph on the highway. In case you don’t already know this, deer will explode when they squarely collide with the front of your car at that speed; but not before they decide to destroy your front end, radiator, and a little sense of diver security. Now, don’t worry, I’m fine. Although I am typing this post from the hospital, in a full body cast, using a very frustrating bendi-straw—I’m fine, really.

This of course means that I needed to borrow (or rent) a car for a few days. Fortunately for me, my family was able to help out. That’s the good. The bad is that I’ll be rocking my mom’s minivan. Yep, Spike is rolling hardcore in “Bunny1.” Aren’t vanity plates swell.

Finally, please take a moment to harass Nitomos for running the Detroit Marathon Relay along with Mrs. Nitmos, and Running and Living for rocking the Baystate Marathon.


B.o.B. said...

Bunny1. That is hilarious. My sister and I text each other vanity plates we see and find funny. Please photo this one for me. :)

Sun Runner said...

No matter what happens, remember there will be snacks.

There will be snacks!

Morgan said...

See what happens when you buy SUV's? Kharma comes to you in the form of a helpless fury animal exploding itself across your grill. Glad you're ok. Rock on Bunny1!!!!!

Running and living said...

Seems like you are not experiencing any of that post marathon depression. Great! I see a 5K in your near future. And a huge PR:) Ana-Maria

Derrick said...

So I was wondering how you reduce the drag of all that extra hair. I know swimmers shave. Do runners do anything to help reduce the drag or friction of extra hair?

Irish Cream said...

Oh man. The image of a deer busting to pieces all over your grill was NOT one I needed while eating dinner. Thanks for that one, buddy! ;) But I suppose you made up for it with the image of you driving around in a minivan with Bunny1 vanity plates! Classic!

Glad you're okay ;)

Amy said...

DAMN. Glad you're okay. Good luck with the new job and with rocking the mini-van.

Adam said...

Ummm, based on the deer exploding, I would argue that you ARE a hunter.

Hunt on great white hunter, see what kind of air you can get with a deer while driving Bunny1.