Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Ready to Race?

If you think that just doing your mileage, dutifully following a training plan and plodding through long runs on hot and sweaty summer evenings have you prepared to race a marathon, you have much to learn young padawan.

Based off of personal experience, I suggest the following non-running related items for consideration if you are racing out of town.

  • Bring your own alarm clock (or one that runs on batteries)
  • Bring your own pillow (or pillows if you use two like me). Nothing worse than trying to sleep on a hotel bed and not being able to sleep on their super hard/soft pillows.
  • If the hotel doesn’t have a refrigerator (or it does but it’s full of overpriced beer and juice which can’t be removed), bring yourself a cooler. A bag or two will keep it cool all weekend long.
  • Earplugs are good if you happen to be staying in a hotel where there is a wedding party (the after party is where it is at, but you may not want to be there). Make sure you test your earplugs with your alarm…trust me. In fact, ask the hotel if there is a wedding party that weekend before you even make the reservation.
  • If you are flying, I strongly suggest you carry on your race day shoes, and clothing, Garmin, and iPod. I mean, not that an airline has ever lost a checked bag. Plus, pretty much everything else can be bought at the expo.
  • Your favorite stuffed animal. I mean, if you have one, not that I do…would a grown man still sleep with a stuffed animal…pleeezzzzzz. Please don’t judge.
  • Tylenol and Advil.

And, just in case you don’t already do this, I can’t suggest strongly enough that you charge your Garmin two days before the marathon. And check it the day before. And some people can attest, things can go wrong the morning of—even if they manage to qualify for Boston.


Running and living said...

You are...thorough! I've been known to remove beers and such from the hotel fridge so that I can keep my stuff cool. No harm in that! Good luck in Chicago. That's all you need, because you've had an amazing training and you are READY!

Sun Runner said...

You may also want a pair of tweezers for emergency earplug extraction in the event that one gets stuck in your ear.

And I'm never running a marathon again without popping a couple of Immodium AD tablets beforehand.

And, only two pillows? Novice. I sleep with four at once.

Thanks for pointing out again my Garmin gaffe the morning of Cleveland. :P

Morgan said...

You best believe all my running gear is packed in a carry on and the rest of my ish is in an oversized bag so I can squeeze the carry on into after I get to Chi-town.

A stuffed animal??? Really Spike? Really??? :P

B.o.B. said...

The alarm clock thing makes me think of that Seinfeld episode with the marathoner. Did you see it? Hilarious.

Is your stuff animal a unicorn? B/C that would make my day.

See you very soon!

Viper said...

One time on a business trip I had all my running gear except my shorts ...

Good luck at the race.

Ms. V. said...

Holy Crap. I wasn't nervous. Now I am. Thanks SO much for that Spike.

Ms. V. said...

Okay, so I'm sending the Twitterati over to view this post, and while I'm at it, when are you joining Twitter? Cuz, you man, are hella fast.

Irish Cream said...

All VERY sound advice. I had quite an episode with the hotel pillow on the eve before my first marathon, let me tell ya. That thing didn't know what hit it! UGh. Never again. But yay! It's almost time! GO US (and everyone else too)!