Monday, March 9, 2009

Dilemma Part II

So last week I explained how the people responsible for the Shamrock 5K have offended me and my subsequent boycott of that race. Well, this weekend I was supposed to run the MSU Law 5K. This would be the second year for this event, and I like to support my alma matter. However, I found out last week that the event has been moved to April. Umm…thanks for completely screwing my training schedule. Now, I’m left with two options if I want to maintain my goal of running a 5K every month of training.

My choices are the Shamrock 5K on the 21st or the Run for the House on the 28th. The Shamrock 5K fits better in my training schedule, but there is the issue of past offences. And, the Run for the House has replaced the Food and Fitness 5K (which was a 20+ year race that pulled up its stakes this year).

So, which race to I run? Hummm…Also, this weekend's runs went very well despite the pouring rain both days. Saturday’s 8M pace run was run on pace and yesterday’s 16M long run was run at a 7:35/M pace.


The Laminator said...

I guess it depends how long of a grudge you want to hold. Tough call, but I'd probably go with whatever works best for my training.

Amy said...

I'm all for sticking to your guns and integrity, but when it comes to training... you gotta do what's best.

A rainy pace AND long run? Yuck. Nice work getting through those.

Irish Cream said...

I agree with the idea that you should probably do whatever is going to work best for your training.

Also, way to go getting out there this weekend despite the uncooperative weather!

Sun Runner said...

I think you will have to let bygones be bygones with the shamrock-mangling folks. :)

Good job on that 16-miler yesterday in the rain. I totally flaked out.