Sunday, March 29, 2009

A Fabulous (Final Four) Day

As part of my training, I’ve made the bold decision to hit the sack early every Friday and Saturday night, only to get up early for my weekend runs. Why, because I’d like for my body to become accustomed to going to bed early, getting up early, and running at the time the race starts (that’s 7:00am), and not getting to bed late, sleeping until 8:15ish, then starting my long runs around 9:00am.

Now, not everyone in my life is thrilled with this decision—and I’ve gotten a fair amount of crap for it. Oh well, just put it on the list of things I do for running.

This morning I woke up early and started my 19M long run at 7:00am. It was 37 degrees with a light rainfall. The rain remained innocuous but for two miles where it was a downpour. I love running in the rain, and this was a great run. I finished with a 6:57/M pace, with my splits going: 7:01, 6:50, 6:52, 6:55, 6:56, 7:06, 6:54 (gu H2O), 6:57, 6:52, 7:00, 7:03, 6:55 (gu H2O), 6:57, 6:52, 7:04, 7:06, 7:02 (gu H2O), 7:00, 6:41. I then took an awesome nap.

I awoke in time to watch Michigan State defeat Louisville and earn a trip to the Final Four in Detroit. What a great day!


The Laminator said...

Great run. Those paces are amazing splits for such a long run. Oh yeah, and that bball game was pretty sweet too!

Ms. V. said...

Great splits!!! Wow!

What a great idea to get up and run at race time. My half is at 7am in 3 weeks. Guess I better try that on the weekend. Thanks!

Running and living said...

Congrats on the awesome splits! I am so jealous of your ability to nap after long runs. I'd love to be able to do it (I love naps, too), but I am so wired when I run more than 15 miles so sleep is impossible.


Nitmos said...

Dude, you are rockin' the splits.

Did that sound weird?