Thursday, March 26, 2009

Displeasure with the Running Gods

Tuesday was repeat miles and the Running Gods provided 20-30mph winds to make it interesting. Yesterday was a 9M pace run and the Running Gods thought a repeat of 20-30mph winds would be appropriate. Oh, and yesterday’s winds were swirling, so it was pretty much against me the entire run.

Running Gods you are sick and cruel…sick and cruel. On top of that, my legs were drained form my repeat miles on Tuesday, so every step was a fight between soreness and fatigue and a desire to run fast. So while last weeks pace run was a relatively easy one, this week’s pace run was a mile by mile struggle. And, although I was well within my pace range, I can’t help but feel a little beat up and underwhelmed with the run.

Now, as either a sign of their kindness or a continuation of their mockery, they have decided to give me sunny skies and no wind for my easy 4M run. I think they are just being jerks, but I’ll take it.

Splits are still with Garmin at home, but to the best of my memory went something like 6:26, 6:46, 7:01, 7:02, 6:58, 7:01, 7:10 (ouch), 7:21 (what happened?), 7:02 for a 6:58/M average.


Running and living said...

I hear you about the weather. Living in Boston, I learned to not get my hopes up about good weather, particularly this time of year. I am knew to your blog and have been reading some older posts. Seems like your training is going awesome, keep it up! Ana-Maria

The Laminator said...

We got cold and rain for my tempo run tonight. GREEEAAATTT! Hope it warms up quick for us!