Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Week 9

Week nine plays out to be an easier week due to it being a step-down week in mileage, an additional rest day inserted to accommodate the Shamrock 5K, the moving of the pace run to Wednesday evening, and the split of 9M run into a 5K race followed by 6M extra at a slow pace. It also represents the completion of my first half of Bayshore training.

All of this makes me look forward to week 9, and somewhat dread the realization that—henceforth—it only gets harder until the taper. Or, six weeks of serious pain and serious miles.

Regardless, I’m excited about getting off the racing shelf and hitting a road race, even if it means I’ve had to forego past grudges. But I’m thinking about wearing a t-shirt that says “a shamrocks’ clovers are as numerous as miles in a 5K!” or the more obvious “you owe your correct logo to me, and you are welcome!”

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