Thursday, March 12, 2009

An East-Blowing Wind

Last night’s route was an unusual 8M loop shaped like a trapezoid. Why does this matter you think? Well, because when you have an East-blowing wind racing at about 20-30mph, the route lays out such that the wind is at your back for exactly one mile, but directly against you for 2.8 out of the last 4 miles.

Now a thoughtful runner may have noticed this and perhaps reversed her/his route to take advantage of this, but such runners tend to be more thoughtful than I. And, even if I were a thoughtful runner, I would still have lost the battle to my pride/ego (Are you going to let a little wind make you change course—what are you a boat!?! No, you are a runner and you go hard and strong into a headwind regardless of how difficult it may be!), I never stood a chance.

The last four miles were brutal, feeling as though someone were actively pushing a board against my chest and resisting my every effort to move forward. Fortunately, the slight twists and turns prevented an entire straight mile against the wind. When it was all said and done I had completed 8M in 55:46, for an 6:58 average where the entire first half were 6:50s and the entire second half were 7:05s. And it was 26 degrees outside. But, my Kayano 14s broke 100M yesterday--you are getting so big now.

Dear Spring, what happened? You came over, we hung out for a few days, then you are out of my life and nowhere in sight. Please come back Spring, I miss you.


Sun Runner said...

Please come back Spring, I miss you.

Yeah, really.

I went out around 5:30 pm yesterday and spent the last mile of my 4-miler flailing in that headwind.

And then it SNOWED a little bit overnight? WTF?

Amy said...

Hahahhah... what are you a boat??? Hilarious.

Monday it was 80 degrees here... this morning I ran in sleet and freezing rain. Ugh.

Irish Cream said...

Hilarious! I was totally dying re: the boat comment as well! Shame on Spring for teasing us all like that . . .

The Laminator said...

I agree...someone send out a flyer because Spring is missing! Great job speeding around and trying to find her.