Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Bayshore Race Report

This will be quick and dirty. But first, thanks to my friends who were kind enough to hang with me over the weekend. Also, I ended up placing H2O bottles on the course and they were there during the race. Lastly before the race report, the weather conditions were cloudy and low 50s to start. Basically, perfect.

The first 17 miles were amazing, nothing higher than a 7:10 mile. Miles 18-20 went 7:18, 7:26, 7:25. I was happy with all of these splits—everything was coming easy and consistent with all of my training runs. My average mile for the first half was 7:00/M even and after 20 miles my average pace was 7:05.

But during mile 21 my calfs began to cramp. Painful and terrible cramping. I had failed to apply BioFreeze before the race and I instantly regretted the decision. Although, regarding hydration, I had consumed enough Gatorade and H2O and salt tablets the days leading up to the marathon and during the run that I felt this would not be a problem. I was wrong.

The calf cramps prevented me from running at anything like the pace I was cursing through before. My last six miles went 7:52, 8:24, 9:19, 9:54, 9:34, 8:58. Average pace over the last six miles was 9:00/M.

All of this notwithstanding, I finished two minutes above my goal, and I’m very proud. It was a great run; I wouldn’t change anything despite the collapse during the last 10K.


Amy said...

Wow!!!! That's great! Can't wait to hear the full race report! Congrats!!!!

Irish Cream said...

HOT DAMN! To suffer calf cramps that badly throughout the last 10K and STILL run that fast? THAT is impressive, my friend! You should definitely be proud of such an amazing effort. CONGRATS, CONGRATS, CONGRATS! You are awesome! :)

Nitmos said...

Outside of cramping, the BQ is yours! I don't know why this happens. I read all sorts of things and the bottom line is no one knows for sure. Regardless, you have a terrific PR and you know you are fully on your way to the BQ! Keep working the kinks out (figuratively and literally) and BQ in Chicago.


Running and living said...

Darn, the cramps. I read somewhere that some people are predispose to get them and no amount of hydration or electrolytes helps. I wonder whether wearing Recovery Socks would help? Nonetheless, you did an amazing job and I agree with Nitmost BQ is yours in the near future! Now go celebrate the amazing PR! Ana-Maria

Sun Runner said...

I was very, very glad I was able to be there with you last weekend. I hope I didn't disrupt your running mojo when I ran with you at mile 20 (since the onset of your Nitmosian calf cramps occurred at mile 21). You did awesome and i know you are going to crush Chicago.

TTYL, McSweetness. ;)

Ms. V. said...

VERY good!!! I hate cramps! BQ ! BQ !

The Laminator said...

Cramps suck! I am going to spend my summer figuring out how to conquer them. Great race effort non-the-less. I'm thinking since Chicago is flat, it'll be less conducive to cramping which means a BQ for you for sure!