Sunday, April 3, 2011

Running by Woods on a Windy Evening

but miles to go before I sleep
but miles to go before I sleep

My training program schedules a 13M run two weeks before the real race. It is supposed to be a marathon pace run; basically a tune-up race. I love to find a half and make this a dress rehearsal. So, the Redhead and I headed down past woods that are lovely, dark, and deep; to participate in the Martian Invasion of Races. Below we are at the expo with a new friend.

At the expo, we met up with several other wonderful bloggers. I always love meeting other bloggers and getting all nerdy about running with them! Sadly, soon we were off for some dinner and then to the hotel. (I'll let the Redhead talk more about the blogger meet-ups while I try to focus on my race report).

On the morning of the race, I had to carry a few things for the Super Spectator. Yep, everything but a purse. The pre-race hours flew by as several fellow bloggers who were getting ready to run either the full, the 10K, or the half like me came over to say 'Hello.'

The weather was perfect, sunny and mid 30s. As usual, I was running a bit behind and I had to sneak into the throng of runners seconds before the start. BANG! I was off, running easy and doing everything I could to stay on pace. And I was on, staying within 5 seconds of my pace for each of the first six miles. But mile six was +5, and I made the major mistake of trying to pick up lost time in one mile. Causing mile 7 to be -15 seconds. I should have slowed down. I told myself to slow down. I didn't slow down. I went -12 for mile 8. Crap.

Worse, I began noticing my Garmin was sounding off early, way early for miles 7 and 8. Strange I thought, I was dead on for the first six. Humm... But I had to focus on trying to slow down. F--A--I--L. I went -5 for mile 9, -5 for mile 10, -5 for mile 11, +2 (better) for mile 12, and -7 for mile 13. This may not seem like a lot. But when you add them with much-too-fast miles 7 and 8, I was about 40 seconds fast for my race goal.

Now to pick back up on that Garmin discrepancy. As I got to mile 12 I was sure the mile markers were off by .3M. So, at 13.1M I hit the lap button to get an accurate 'half' time. Then finished the 'free mileage' they were so kind enough to secretly give us runners. When I was done, I asked other runners if they found the course was long, and they all said yes. (To be fair, very quickly after the race the race directors responded on their Facebook page by acknowledging the course was long and that times for the 13.1 will be based on your average pace.)

Despite being further than I expected, it was still a great race and I was pleased with the result.

Afterward, fellow bloggers joined to discuss running and to eat. While there I was able to meet several additional wonderful bloggers and I harassed Bill until he finally could take no more and left. Sorry Bill, you rock and I annoy people I like. Just ask the Redhead.

Finally, a special 'Thank You!' to the Redhead! She was an amazing fan and spectator even though we all know it was killing her to not be out there running with us. Don't worry, when you get better I'll watch you run as often as I can. I'll cheer for you even if you are doing a 4M training run on a treadmill.


Jessie said...

Your annoyingly HILARIOUS!I just cant help laughing my BUTT OFF when your around. Even if your pretending to fake gut punch my husband! I dont wanna hear your wha wha Im a guy and so stinken fast it makes me wanna cry! lol No seriously I want to Thank You also for a great day. I know Morgan did 99.9% of it, but your her ROCK and so I want to thank you also for helping to make ours and your race day so special. You race a great race and Im going to be eagerly anticipating your Boston race recap. Thank you thank you for your support thru the training process. You were most helpful and encouraging. So get your butt to Boston already, PR that shit, have a great vacation, and get home so we can have a DOUBLE DATE NIGHT ALREADY!!! Yes Im selfish like that! Te He

Harold said...

Hopefully the aliens didn't send any probes to Uranus.

Sun Runner said...

It was LOVELY to see you guys again on Saturday.


Nitmos said...

I've heard that this is one of the most boring courses available. Thoughts?

I have a blow-up doll similar to that but it is not green. And it is popped.

Morgan said...

Thank you so much for all your help with everything! You are the best and I don't know what I'd do without you, especially right now in my gimp state. It was a great weekend and I'm so proud of you, you ran a great race, too fast or not, and you're going to have an amazing Boston I just know it! Love you!

Neophyte TriDuRun said...

Good to see you again! Nice race speedy. Best of luck at Boston! PR that SHIT!!

B.o.B. said...

Kudos on your race Spike! And you're GF is in fact, amazing. ;)

tahoegirl said...

Wish I could say I ran too fast...

Sounds like you guys had a fantastic time. Good luck in Boston!

Ironman By Thirty said...

Course was long? Are you sure you weren't abducted, probed, and dropped .3 miles further from the finish line? That sounds more plausible than the course being miss-measured.

Great race and good luck at Boston!

Rebel Race said...

If you want to spice it up a little, you should do Rebel Race Indiana. It is a really fun mud run with obstacles like a wall climb called the Great Wall of Rebel Race. There’s another obstacle called Ninja Turtle Tunnels. Its time to relive our childhood- lol. The website is