Wednesday, April 1, 2009


There was a large pile of debris, and to its left a large puddle. So I dodge right and slam my foot down on a rock. A sizeable rock, not huge (say the size of a ping pong ball), and then some instant discomfort. Discomfort goes away immediately. Event is quickly stored into the back of my brain.

This was right before mile 11 on my 19 on Sunday. And there was no notice of any discomfort again until about the mid-point of mile 18. But by Sunday evening I was hobbling around, barely able to put full pressure on it. RICE, RICE, RICE. Monday hurts just as bad and use this as an excuse to wear sneakers to work. Hobble around all day.

Tuesday morning, still painful, but not quite as bad. Wear sneakers to work again. Question of the day, will I run my 5M, or take it off? I make it a game time decision. At 8:30pm I decide I can go, but I’ll run on the treadmill because, if things go bad, I can just stop (and not be stranded and forced to walk back to the gym). First mile, discomfort and lots of minor adjustments to compensate. By mile two, no trace of pain. 5M at 6:25/M pace (6:41/M outdoor pace).

This morning, still some pain, not as bad. Ah, the fine line between an injury and being injured.


Sun Runner said...

Rocks and tree nature finally fighting back against us?

Ms. V. said...


Freeze a water bottle, and roll it on the bottom of your foot!

Irish Cream said...

Oh no! I hope it continues to get better! Keep up the RICE-ing, and take it easy for a while.

Running and living said...

I bet it will continue to get better. No worries! Ana-Maria