Thursday, April 16, 2009

Beat Down

The weather was a sunny 58 degrees and I could just feel a great run looming like a runner at the food table after a 5K. Sure, I was trying to sneak in a 10M run between my many nonstop commitments throughout the day, but that is nothing new. I step outside, let Garmin the Great lock up some satellites, and off I go—feeling great. I know my first mile is fast, but I’m feeling good and I decide to not look at GtG during this run. Probably a mistake.

And then came the winds; strong, gusting, relentless and angry winds. And even though I felt like I was flying, and that I was killing the run, I was in actuality getting beat down. Miles 5-9 were awful, terrible times.

But I love the awful run, because it reminds me how much work I have to do as a runner; how every run is slightly different and that you can never take anything for granted when running. Bayshore is six weeks away, and I’ve still got some serious training to do.


Sun Runner said...

I had some wind issues but nothing major. I didn't look at Garmy for the final 2 miles of my run: 7:47, 7:30. But I wasn't going for consistent pace. I just wanted to open up and fly.

Ms. V. said...

Oh God. I'm so with you on the wind. The last two days have been wind runs, and they just kick my ass.

...but, we do it anyway, right? I'm so impressed with your tenacity!!

Irish Cream said...

Awesome job fighting the wind off! Even if the splits were a little slower through miles 5-9, you did fought the wind and you won! And that's what counts. Know what I think? I think that in six weeks, you'll be good and ready to rock Bayshore!