Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Know Your Enemy*

In the midst of winter, as cold strong winds pushed through dark Michigan nights, there were times I slightly resented not being able to begin my workouts until 8:30pm. But working with Phillip and seeing the progress he has made in vastly improving his reading ability makes it all worth the late night runs. Plus, like most things time can change your perspective. Now, when I begin my workouts at 8:30pm the sun is just setting and weather is cool with slight winds. As chronicled previously, this is my favorite weather to run in.

If my enemy is heat, than I’ll avoid if I can. And my promise to be accountable to Phillip helps me avoid the heat. It’s a win-win. However, sadly, my last week before taper is also my last week with Phillip, and I’ll miss him more than I’ll miss the high mileage. The program doesn’t typically allow carry-over from student to tutor, but I’ve already began to lobby for an exception.

Alas, as I begin to crest the summit of my Bayshore training and prepare to descend into tapper madness, I begin to wax poetically. So, to the numbers. Last night was 5M, splits went 6:11, 6:23, 6:24, 6:34, 6:19 for a 6:22/M average.

*Although I’m not a huge Green Day fan, their latest song was one of two stuck in my head last night in my sans iPod run. The other was the Black Eyed Pees Boom Boom Boom.


Nitmos said...

This is that nice time of year when you come home with little gnats stuck all over your neck. Enjoy!

The Laminator said...

I love how Nitmos has that special ability to put everything in proper perspective.