Thursday, April 23, 2009

Love at First Touch

During my 22M training run (with a little extra for good measure) I suffered the worst calf cramps ever imaginable. All day Sunday and Monday I stretched that baby out, and it still hurt with every step I take, ever move I make, I’ll be watching me…sorry. The knot in my calf remained. Going to work Tuesday I was positive there was no way I could do my 5M run that evening, I couldn’t even walk.

But then, as if the Running Gods were apologizing for their cruel weather conditions of late, they inspired Nitmos to discuss his love affair with BioFreeze. He discussed how BF’s magical healing powers surpassed even Mr. Miyagi’s healing powers. I immediately demanded—in a childlike manner—that my administrative assistant find me a bottle (during Administrative Assistant’s Week nonetheless). I did not explain what BioFreeze was, or where to begin looking for it; I simply told her it was a matter of life and death.

A bottle was located not a half mile from where I work, and I left immediately to purchase it. The results: BioFreeze is the most amazing product ever. Ever!

On Tuesday I was able to run my 5M pain free, and not pushing it I still hit a 6:47/M average. Still lathering that magical aqua paste on my calf I was able to pull off some solid mile repeats last night. 5:52, 6:00, 5:54, 6:06, 5:55, 6:04. BioFreeze, I have loved you from the moment we first touched.


UPDATE: The 2009 Chicago Marathon is now full.


Amy said...

Hmmm... I don't know why, but the idea of something that you rub on the outside of your leg, helping the inside of your leg... creeps me out.

But, I'm glad it's helping! I guess if I was in your situation, I'd get past the creepiness and give it a try. I actually got some little packets of it in my marathon goodie bag this weekend.

Nitmos said...

You must be seeing BioFreeze's twin sister because I'm quite confident she's not cheating on me.

Nitmos said...

Oh, and great frickin' repeats!

Ms. V. said...

They gave us some of that stuff. Glad it works!

Feel better!

Irish Cream said...

I totally ordered some Biofreeze after reading Nitmos's post and have been waiting ever so anxiously for the package to arrive in the mail (PLEASE HURRY!). I'm so excited to test her out!

I hope she makes me as fast as you! Those are some amazing times! Great job!