Thursday, April 9, 2009

Two Legs v Two Wheels

I’ve recently started running my 5 and 6 mile routes down MSU’s river trail. This trail basically cuts campus in half, and connects to a larger set of trails covering about 13+ miles. This path is great but can get congested with people. Worst of all, it can get congested with people on bikes leisurely pedaling along.

Last night, right after my first mile, some almost-teenager was just tooling around and taking his sweet time going nowhere. So, I pass him. Moments later he goes speeding by. About fifty meters in front of me he resumes his tooling around speed. I pass him again. And that little punk passes me again, but this time he maintains about a fifteen meter lead for the remainder of the second mile. Every time I made a surge, he sped up.

Shortly after mile two there is a split, and that stupid kid sits there and waits for me to pass him. Moments after I had selected the path I would be running on, he passed me. This happens again about a quarter of a mile later—he waits, I pass and go on my route, he passes me again.

Then the little punk puts some more distance on me. But at this point I’m thinking, this is my 3 mile turnaround kid, so later. I reverse, and start back. And you guessed it, almost half way through mile 4 the kid shows up again. Same story as before.

Approaching mile five he is now only two meters ahead, and I’m seriously thinking about giving a good sprint and knocking him down. Just as I decide I’m going to push him and his stupid bike into the river he looses interest and veers off down a street.

Hay little man, next time you try that crap with me I’m going to throw a packet of gu at you (then probably pick it up, that stuff is expensive for such an unappetizingly named product).


Sun Runner said...

OK, your post tag says "another reason why I hate bikes," what's the other reason?

Kids today. *sigh* They just don't know how to respect their elders. ;)

On the other hand, maybe what he really wanted to do was ask how you got so awesome and speedy but was too timid to do so and you just crushed his dream of becoming a runner. Nice job. ;)

Amy said...

Ohhhhh that drives me crazy. I can't handle people and bikes and such when I'm running.

Reminds of those people who do the Galloway training. Where they run for like 2 minutes and then their watch beeps and they walk for a minute. I understand... different training plans for different folks, but running around those people DRIVES ME INSANE. They always zoom past me flying and then I pass them when they walk, etc...

Nitmos said...

Where are these trails? I'm Mr. Sidewalk but, I admit, that I've never gone looking for something better.

Ms. V. said...

Ha. Spike, I loved this.